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This bell is an integral part of the history of Medford. It was cast in 1860 by Henry N. Hooper Company of Boston with a 44 inch diameter, 1,700 lbs. weight, in F Sharp. The bell was constructed for the presidential campaign of the Constitutiona…
Site of the Stearns Estate A waystation on the Underground Railroad, a haven for slaves seeking freedom 1850-1860 Placed here by members of the Tufts community, who continue to honor the tradition of sanctuary Dedicated April 8, 1987
On the night of April 18-19, 1775, on his famous ride to Lexington, Paul Revere tethered his horse here and awakened Captain Hall of the Medford Minute Men to tell him that "The Regulars are out." Dedicated April 19, 2012 Mayor Micha…
This circle is dedicated to the memory of Private Roy. V. Molyneaux 30th Division, U.S. ArmyWho gallantly fought and gave his life for his country on the battlefield of France July 16th 1944His deeds will be forever remembered by the citizens of t…
Known for many years as the Cradock House because it was thought to have been built in 1634 for Matthew Cradock, the construction of the house is now attributed to Peter Tufts. Although the exact date of its origin is obscure, it is known to pre-d…
In 1844 Lydia Maria Child (1802 - 1880) wrote of her childhood visits to her grandfather's house at 114 South Street in the poem "Over the River and Through the Woods" from her home at the corner of Ashland and Salem Streets. The rear portion o…
On this site stood the Simpson Tavern, where in 1850 James Pierpont (1822-1893) wrote the song "Jingle Bells" in the presence of Mrs. Otis Waterman, who later verified that the song was written here. Pierpont had the song copyrighted in 1857 while…
Mansion built by Isaac Royall who came here from Antigua with his slaves in 1737. His son Isaac Royall, a loyalist, founded at Harvard the oldest law professorship in the United States. Headquarters of General John Stark during the Siege of Boston.