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In 1801, George Frankenberger applied for a tavern license, stating a need for lodging on this "deserted" section of the Great Road between Harrisburg and Carlisle. This simple log structure served many drovers moving livestock. For modest fees, a…
Founder 1734 on land of James Silver by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, earliest settlers of the Cumberland Valley. Present church built in 1783, restored in 1928 to its original style, and still used for worship.
Built about 1792. It extended from Michael Simpson's ferry on the Susquehanna to Carlisle, following, at this point, a course later known as Simpson St. Used by many persons traveling to western part of state.
Incorporated in 1831. Completed, Lemoyne to Chambersburg, 1837; eventually, Harrisburg to Virginia. For over 80 years, vital to Valley's economic life; merged into Pennsylvania R.R., 1919. Passenger Station, Stationmaster's House here, built in th…
Oldest public building in Mechanicsburg. Built in 1825 on land given by Martin Rupp. As provided in the charter, it has been used by many religious sects on payment of small fees.
Site of the College that was chartered in 1857, and named for Washington Irving, a trustee. First women's college in Pennsylvania to grant degrees in arts and sciences. It closed in 1929.