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Minnesota River Steamboating. . Following the usual pattern of river town development, steamboating was essential for Mankato, from its founding in 1852 until the arrival of the first railroad in 1868. During the heyday of steamboating at Mankato…
Dedicated to all who Served and Those who Died
This Park is named in honor of Ray Erlandson, and through him, all the men and women who have served the citizens of the City of Mankato as firefighters promoting and preserving the public's safety. Ray Erlandson served as a City of Mankato firefi…
In Honor of ThoseWho Served in theKorean War1950 - 1953Died 54,246Wounded 103,284MIA 8,177
This area (Bunker Hill) once served as a Civil War recruitment center, but this was not the primary reason for its acquisition. The Mankato City Council purchased approximately 10.2 acres at 150 dollars an acre on October 15, 1874, with the intent…
In Honor ofUnion Veterans ofthe Civil War Erected by the City of Mankatofor Alexander Wilkin Post No. 19Department of MinnesotaGrand Army of the Republic
Built in 1857 in Mankato Township and was moved to this site, which was once the site of the fur trading post of Henry H. Sibley by the Blue Earth County Historical Society in 1931.
The Lorin & Lulu Cray Homewas given to theYoung Women's Christian Associationfor the women and girls ofMankato and vicinitybyJudge and Mrs. Lorin Cray1927This property has beenplaced on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDep…
On Flag Day in 1926, two German 105mm howitzer field guns were dedicated at this Sibley Parksite as war trophies and memorials to the sacrifice made by those who served from Blue Earth County inthe First World War. These artillery pieces were capt…
The desire to honor the memory of Mankato's Civil War dead prompted a citizens' committee headed by John Ray to purchase the triangular parcel of land in the Warren's Addition, bordered by Broad, Lincoln and Grove streets, and dominated by a massi…