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Major General in the Union Army during the Civil War. He played a key role in committing the Army of the Potomac to the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863. He was killed early on the first day. Buried in Lancaster Cemetery, he was born and resided…
Misnamed Kentucky Rifle, this famous weapon of the frontier was developed in the 1700's at Lancaster, which was the center for its manufacture
Fifteenth President of the United States, lies buried at Woodward Hill Cemetery located five blocks to the south on Queen Street.
Isaac C. Landis (1843-1931) established this farmstead around 1870 on a 52-acre parcel. It consisted primarily of the wooden frame house in front of you and a medium-size barn, both painted red. In 1908, the barn burned down and he had it rebuilt.…
Dedicated toThe men and womenof the Seventh WardLancaster, PA.who by their patriotismcourage and devotionhelped winThe World War1914 - 1918for humanity, liberty and righteousnesserected by the Citizens of the Seventh Ward
In memoriamThomas Wharton, Jr.First President of the Supreme ExecutiveCouncil of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvaniaand Captain General and Commander-in-Chief in and over the sameon March 5, 1777 Died in Office, greatly lamented May 23, 1778. A…
Earliest Congregation in LancasterOrganized 1730Fostered six other city congregations————·————First church erected 1734Present building begun in 1761Dedicated in 1766 byHenry Melchior Muhlenbe…
Signer of the Constitution of theUnited States of America Erected by General Thomas Mifflin ChapterMifflintown, Juniata County, PennsylvaniaDaughters of the American Revolution1987 < Upper Marker : >In perpetuationof the memory ofThomas Miff…
Stevens Grave & MemorialBurial place of a true American hero————————Thaddeus StevensLancaster County's U.S. Representative was the most powerful congressman during the Civil War and early Reconstruct…
To honor the members ofAmbulance Co. No. 111 ? 28th Division A.E.F.Originally Company No. 3Penna. National Guard * Captain Charles P. Starr, Commanding Officer Captains* John D. Boger ? * Alfred F. Compton ? * Grant B. Weaver ? * William M. …