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Mrs. Coddington owned a two-story brick double on the corner lot. It was occupied by W.K. Townsend (grocer) and Paul Lanius (hardware). Townsend imported glassware and crockery and was said to have the best selection of cigars in town. "Lets all r…
J.J. Elliott had his assay office in the building which was built in 1879. Often during the boom days of the 1880's dozens of ore wagons were parked on Miner Street in front of the "Exchange". Elliott promoted himself in the city directories of th…
Charlie Tayler used this waterwheel to power a stamp mill at his gold mining operations on Ute Creek. Tayler, who attributed his good health to the fact that he never kissed woman or took baths, built the waterwheel in 1893. It was moved to its pr…