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This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Dr. James Archer Smith House 1936 Local Historic Site
The United States Department of Interior has placed this property on the National Register of Historic Places
Historic Site Landmark Hotel1916
Palm Lodge was built in 1912 for Colonel Henry Wallace Johnston, a hardware merchant from Lebanon, Kentucky. Col. Johnson planted an avocado grove and experimented with specimens of tropical fruits and flowers. One of his specialties was the culti…
Redland Farm Life School was originally constructed in 1916 by the Dade County School Board on land donated by William Anderson. Dr. Hyram Byrd was the impetus for consolidating the one room schools in Goulds, Eureka, Modello, Princeton, Murray Hi…
Historic Town Hall has been designated a National Historic Landmark. This building was designed by Miami architect H. Hastings Mundy and built in 1917. As the Homestead Town Hall, it housed the City Fire Department, the Police Station and the G…
First Baptist Church has been designated a City of Homestead Historic Landmark This building, constructed in 1944, replaced a wooden structure constructed in 1912 at the same location. It is the only remaining neoclassical structure in downtown…
The Seminole Theater has been designated a City of Homestead Historic Landmark This building, originally constructed in 1921, was subsequently restored in 1940 with an Art Deco facade following a devastating fire. The theatre was mainly used as…
Historic SiteFirst United Methodist ChurchDedicated November 25, 1951Designated by theHistoric Preservation Board ofthe City of Homestead, Florida1992