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[ south plaque ] 1771 ? Memorial ? 1912To The Deceased Members OfThe First Company Governor's Foot GuardHartford ConnecticutErected By TheVeteran CorpsDedicated June 1912[ north plaque] 1771Captain Samuel WyllysCommanderMajor Frank WilcoxCommandin…
[ south side ] George WyllysBorn 1590 in Fenny Compton Co Warwick EnglandCame to Hartford 1638Deputy Governor of Connecticut 1641And Governor 1642. Died March 9, 1645Bridget Young his wife died at Fenny ComptonMarch 1629 and is there buriedMary Sm…
In Memory of the FirstSettlers of HartfordJeremy Adams · Matthew Allyn · Francis Andrews · William Andrews · John Arnold · Andrew Bacon · John Barnard · Thomas Barnes · Robert Bartlett &middo…
Marquis de La FayetteWhere You Are Standing On September, 1824Arrives the Marquis de La Fayette in Daniel Wadsworth's carriage drawn by four white horses. Hartford's citizens shout hurrahs, wave banners and throw garlands of flowers at the feet of…
Prudence CrandallWhere You Are Standingon May 24, 1833The Connecticut General Assembly passes the Black Law expressly forbidding Prudence Crandall from recruiting African-American women for her school in Canterbury. Prudence refuses to obey the Bl…
This ApproachtoHartford's Ancient Burying Ground, which was set apart in 1640 andcontains the graves of Thomas Hookerand the other founders of Hartford, was completed in 1952 by thegenerosity ofEdward M. Dayand other members of the FirstChurch of …
Rev. Samuel Stone 1602 - 1663First Church Teacher and 2nd PastorCo-Founded Hartford with Thomas HookerBorn in Hertford England
1815 ? 1848 To The Memory OfHorace WellsDentistWho Upon This SpotDecember 11 1844Submitted to a Surgical OperationDiscoveredDemonstrated and ProclaimedThe Blessings OfAnesthesia E S Wood ? AD 1894
Last Horse DrawnTrolley In HartfordCompleted Its Run, And Went Out Of ServiceOn This Corner OnMay 12, 1895 At 8:48 A.M.
Washington - Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Hartford French General Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, and thousands of French ground and naval forces arrived in Newport in July of 1780 to assist the Americans in the War for …