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In June 1636, about one hundred members of Thomas Hooker's congregation arrived safely in this vicinity. With one hundred and sixty cattle, they had followed old Indian trails from the Massachusetts Bay Colony to the Connecticut River to build a …
Abel Buel1742 - 1825Engraver, CounterfeiterCoined the 1786 Fugio CentAnd the Connecticut Cooper, Had a shop on this site
Bell of the U.S.S. HartfordAdmiral Farragut's Flagshipduring the Civil War battlesof New Orleans, April, 1862and Mobile Bay, August, 1864"Damn the torpedoes . . . . Full speed ahead"[ Farragut at Mobile Bay ]
CenterChurchOrganized 1632Founded Hartford in 1636First MinisterThomas HookerServed1633-1647
On Tuesday, April 15, 1817, in a building located on this site, the Connecticut Asylum for the Education of Deaf and Dumb Persons officially opened. The school was the first in America to teach deaf children and had a class of seven syudents. The…
Mark TwainSamuel Clemens1835 - 1910[ north side ]One of the nation's most celebrated authorsMark Twain lived here in Hartford during the peakof his writing career from 1871 until 1891Of Hartford, Twain wrote "Of all the beautifultowns it has been …
In Memory of the CourageousAdventurersWho Inspired and Directed byThomas Hooker Journeyed Through theWilderness from Newtown Cambridge)In the Massachusetts Bay toSuckiaug (Hartford) - October 1635Mathew Allyn · John Barnard · William…
This PropertyHas been placed on theNational Register Of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior
Col. Jeremiah WadsworthSAR Branch ConnecticutErected MCMXIIIHere stood the home of Col. Jeremiah Wadsworth Commissary General of the American forces in the War for Independence and a trusted friend of George Washington and "Brother Jonathan Trumbu…
Pulaski"I came here, where freedom is being defended, to serve it, and to live or die for it . . ."General Casimir Pulaskiwas born in Poland in 1748. He led the unsuccessful revolt of Polish Patriots against Russia. Upon arrival in America he join…