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The Tower ClockWas Given in Memory OfHorace John Wickham1836 - 1914By His SonClarence Horace Wickham1919Perpetual care and replacementprovided for by endowment
In 1636The Church in Newtown, Massachusetts Thomas Hooker, Ministerwas transplanted to this locality, called Meeting House Yard, Old State House SquareCity Hall Square.Near this site on May 31, 1638.Thomas Hooker preached his Famous Sermon:"The Fo…
Alexis de TocquevilleThe 25 year-old French aristocrat and author ofDemocracy in Americavisited this areaduring his 1831 - 1832 tour of AmericaTocquevilleC-SPANplaced by C-SPAN and the cable television industrywhile retracing the tour in 1997-1998
TheFounders BridgeCommemorating the men and womenwho traveled here in 1636with the Rev. Thomas Hookerto found the City of HartfordThis plaque placed byThe Society of the Descendants Of the Founders of Hartfordin the year 2000
Lincoln Meets StoweBruno Lucchesi, 2006"In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free - honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve." This sculpture commemorates the 1862 meeting of Abraham Lincoln and Hartford resident Ha…
William H. MortensenRiverfront PlazaJuly 15, 1903 - October 6, 1990This plaza is dedicated in honor of William "Bill" Mortensen - whose life is an inspiration to a new generation of Hartford residents. Born in Hartford, Bill Mortensen graduated fr…
Welcome to William H. Mortensen Riverfront PlazaMortensen Riverfront Plaza, the centerpiece of the Riverfront park system, spans I-91 to connect downtown Hartford with the Connecticut River. From the plaza, visitors can cross the river on the Foun…
Recapture of theConnecticut River1981 - 1999Dedicated September 3, 1999On the occasion of the opening ofRiverfront Plaza and TerracesFounders Bridge Promenade andState Street Landing[ left plaque ]A Historic ConnectionRiverfront Plaza restores Har…
Along this avenue, once called Front Street, thousands of immigrants came after leaving their war-ravaged, poverty-stricken countries in search of freedom and a better life. They helped to build the City of Hartford, the roads on which their desce…
Maj. Thomas Y. SeymourThis plaque and the renaming of this bridge honor the Revolutionary War hero and distinguished citizen of Connecticut, Thomas Y. Seymour. Seymour, who later rose to the rank of Major in the Continental Army, was born June 19,…