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The railroad that became the Washington & Old Dominion was born in Alexandria in response to the competition in shipping posed by the port in Baltimore, which was served by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The B&O was diverting farm produce from the…
One of the oldest on the line, Hamilton's train station dates from 1870. It was not in the original plan. When the Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire Railway (later the Washington & Old Dominion) was established in the 1840s, its owners intended to h…
The Virginia General Assembly approved plans for the Loudoun Branch (parts of which survive here) of the Manassas Gap Railroad on 8 March 1853, and construction soon began. The route extended 27 miles from just southwest of Chantilly on the main r…
Oakdale School house was built in 1815. It served as a Quaker school until 1885, a few years after the opening of the Public Schools.
Goose Creek Historic District has been registered as a Virginia Historic Landmark pursuant to the authority vested in the Viginia Historic Landmarks Commission Act of 1966.
Maj. Gen. Ben H. Fuller was born in Michigan on 27 Feb. 1870. He was graduated from the U.S. Navy Academy in 1889 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps in 1891. Fuller married Katherine H. Offley on 26 Oct. 1862, and they in…