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About 13,000 years ago, glacial melt water that collected in a basin named Glacial Lake Agassiz burst through a natural earthen dike creating a huge torrent of water that carved the Minnesota River Valley as we see it today. There are places along…
The first school building in east Granite Falls was a structure 20 by 30 feet and erected in 1873 at a cost of $1,500. The first teacher was C.E. Clark. Enrollment continued to grow and in the summer of 1879, a new school district was organized on…
[Great Seal of the State of Minnesota] A WITNESS TO TIME The Minnesota River Valley is a witness to time. Rocks formed 3.8 billion years ago — some of the oldest in the world — lie exposed on the valley floor. These grey, pink and re…
[Yellow Medicine County logo]] HENRY HILL 1829~1879 1871 - Built dam for water power 1872 - Founded Granite Falls [photo of dam] Erected flour, grist, lumber mills in 1872 Gave free lots to secure settlers Established first mail route …
Site of some of the oldest exposed rock in the world. Geologists estimate this Granitic Gneiss was formed 3,800,000,000 years ago.Erected by the Yellow Medicine County Historical Society1975