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Portland Cement Association Safety Trophy Awarded Ideal Cement Company Gold Hill, Oregon For a Perfect Safety Record in 1959 Reawarded 1960
The first toll bridge near this site was built before 1859. The wooden covered bridge was at one time operational by the Rock Point Bridge Company. It was later purchased by Jackson County and operated as a free bridge until it was replaced by t…
"Followed down the river (with some of our too neighborly Indians) about 12 m[ile] and camped" - Lester Hulin, Oct 17, 1847
Near Site Of Fort Birdseye 1855 Log House Built 1856
(Seven panels dealing with topics related to the Applegate Trail are found at this kiosk.) The Applegate Trail Southern Route to Oregon In 1846, Jesse Applegate and fourteen others from near Dallas, Oregon, established a trail sou…
The world of the Takelma people could be viewed from Titanakh, Table Rocks. Of the two major groups of the Takelma, the Dagelma resided west from here, while the Latgawa extended to the east. These people gathered grass seed, acorns and camas; hun…
Gold was discovered in the sands of the Rogue River in 1849. Overshadowed by the excitement generated by the gold fields in California, mining did not begin here until 1851-52. The discovery of rich placers on Jackson Creek brought prospectors fro…
The Takelma, which means "People of the River," had a village here. According to legend, Ti'lomikh (Te lo meekh) is where Daldal, the Great Dragonfly, brought the Salmon Ceremony. Although the date of the first ceremony is unknown, the People of t…
Gold discovered on hill across Rogue River in 1860. Land for Gold Hill donated by Thomas & Rose Chavner in 1884. Railroad built in 1887. Town Inc. Feb. 12, 1895. First school in Methodist Church in 1889. Electricity came from Gold Rey Dam in 1904.…
The town of Rock Point, Oregon was est. 1852 by JB White   Pop. 200. Stage coach stop. Post office. Store   Blacksmithshop.