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Lest we forget In sacred memory of those who served in defense of their country
Germantown one of five dams built by the Miami Conservancy District for flood control in the Miami Valley completed 1921 height 110 ft. length 1200 ft. width at base 665 ft.
On October 4th, 1814, a clerk dipped his pen into an inkstand, and made a boldly scripted entry in the Records of Montgomery County. His entry showed that one Philip Gunckel had filed a plat plan for the Village of Germantown. It was a uniqu…
This former gristmill, built by Lewis Shuey between 1844 and 1845, stands on the site of an earlier mill built in 1806 by Philip Gunckel, founder of Germantown. A miller by trade, Gunckel led a party of settlers from Pennsylvania to Montgomery Cou…
Side ARestored in 1963, the Germantown Covered Bridge on East Center Street, spanning Little Twin Creek, was 93 years old and is reputed to be the only existing covered bridge of its kind in the world. For 41 years this unique inverted bow string …