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This building served as a school from 1837 to 1871 on Old Franklin School Road. It was used as a variable storage shed on Locust Grove Road until 1977, when it was moved here and restored. Its structural frame and windows remain original to the bu…
The original 1763 home was here. Commissary-General Charles Stewart feted officers of the Continental Army. House replaced c. 1800 by the imposing stone residence across the road.
Farmstead on 308 acres: circa 1765Revolutionary War patriot who secured boats for Washington's Crossing and wintered at Valley Forge.
Chartered June 30, 1896Charter surrendered 1988Original building built in 1898 on land owned by H.K. Wright. Grange founded for purpose of cooperative buying to lower costs for farmers.
The Capoolong Creek Trail is on the former Pittstown 3.9 mile trail branch of the Lehigh Valley Railroad. This rail line connected Pittstown to the Lehigh Valley main line located at Landsdown. During the 1890s, this important rail line service su…
Dr. Samuel Fowler, born in Newburgh, NY, and came first to Hamburg after medical studies in Philadelphia. He established mills, a blacksmith shop, tannery, and a furnace to process ores from mines owned in Franklin Furnace. He became a noted and r…
For over 40 years August Knispel, lifelong Franklin resident and farmer, served the Township, Hunterdon County and his dairy profession in positions of leadership. From 1964-97, he sat on Franklin's Township Committee and was Mayor eleven times. I…
In the glory of their youth we will remember them. Our dead shall not have died in vain. Orrin C. Boice · Frederick E. Dissler · Andrew J. Hodulik · Robert V. Leusenring · Porter C. Little Dedicated to our Veteran…
Attended school at the site from which this school came.Graduate: Swarthmore CollegeCivil EngineerTownship OfficialBoy Scout Leader
Settled in 1700'S. By 1873 only a gristmill, sawmill,post office and a few homes remained. Town named for oak forests surrounding it.