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Civil War Fort Scott Fort Scott, founded 1842, was named for former commander-in-chief of the U.S. Army, Gen. Winfield Scott. The army abandoned the fort in 1853, but the Civil War prompted federal troops to return in 1862. Fort Scott became the …
Civil War Dead An estimated 700,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died in the Civil War between April 1861 and April 1865. As the death toll rose, the U.S. government struggled with the urgent but unplanned need to bury fallen Union troops. This…
Dedicated this day, June 2003 In memory of John F. Benage, MD The cross was originally donated by Dr. and Mrs. Benage To Mercy Hospital in 1989 "The cross should be a sign of hope and not of despair. It reminds us that Jesus Christ should…
This statue commemorates the life and legacy of David Lee Regan, the longtime coach who started the Fort Scott High School baseball program in 1990. With ordinary means, Coach Regan was an extraordinary man who touched the lives of numerous stu…
Foundress Sisters of Mercy of Kansas in 1886
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Homecoming [Side A] This small town into which I was born, has, for me, grown into the largest, and most important city in the universe. For Scott is not as tall, or heralded as New York, Paris or London - or other places my feet have roamed, b…
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[Side A]1st Lieut. William D. HawkinsUnited States Marine CorpsBorn: Fort Scott, Ks April 19, 1914Battle of Tarawa: November 20-21, 1943Buried: Punch Bowl National Cemetery, Hawaii Private George F. PondCo. C, 3rd Wisconsin Calvary [sic], U.S. …
This National Cemeteryhas been listed inThe National RegisterofHistoric Placesby theUnited StatesDepartment of the Interior