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Greek Goddess- wise in the arts of war and industries of peace. She led through victory to peace and prosperity.
In World War II, over 450 members of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAACs) were assigned to a secret experiment. It called for the creation of coastal gun battery, comprised of both men and women, with the mission to protect the Military Distri…
This warrior figure is a tribute to all Army women who have served in defense of our nation. She represents their sacrifices, dedication and loyalty. Dedicated on Veteran's Day 2013. Funded with contributions made to the Friends of the …
The Women's Army Corps (WAC) Training Center was established at nearby Camp Lee in 1948, when the corps gained Regular Army status. The first staff members transformed overgrown fields and dilapidated buildings into usable facilities. Run entirely…
City Point is five miles northeast. There Governor Sir Thomas Dale made a settlement in 1613. In April, 1781, the British General Phillips landed there. Grant had his base of operations there in the siege of Petersburg, 1864-1865. Lincoln was ther…
This trail follows the old road which ran between Petersburg and Prince George Court House. It was used by both armies to move men and supplies.
"Attacking entrenchments has been tried so often and with such fearful losses that even the stupidest private now knows that it cannot succeed, and the natural consequence follows; the men will not try it. The very sight of a bank of earth brings …
Sept. 1864: "?the enemy frequently shoot very large shells into Petersburg & do some damage to buildings, but the people are getting used to it, so they don't mind them?."- A.I.P. Varin 2nd Mississippi Famous but militarily ineffective, the "Di…