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(Under top photo:)The 17th Century Bonnell House is on the National Registry of Historic Houses and has recently been restored by the Historical Society, Elizabeth, NJ Inc. which has its offices within. (Main text:)The Bonnell House is the olde…
This monument dedicated to"Seven Astronauts"who died national heroesas members of the crew of the"Challenger"January 28, 1986———————————————Erected in their …
The Belcher Ogden Mansion was the 1750s residence of Governor Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757) of New Jersey, who brought the royal colony's government to this house. Belcher also sponsored the College of New Jersey which became Princeton University a…
Samuel Woodruff, Elizabethtown mayor, built Boxwood Hall about 1750. From 1772 to 1795 it was the home of Elias Boudinot (1740-1821), who served his as president of the Continental Congress after the colonies signed a peace treaty with England, en…
Home of Royal GovernorJonathan Belcher 1751 - 1757 Wedding of Catherine Peartree Smithto Elisha Boudinot held here 1778.Attended by Lafayette andAlexander Hamilton. Home of Governor Aaron Ogden, descendantof original settler 1812.
This church was organized about 1664. The edifice which stood on this spot was burned by the British, January 25, 1780, during the Pastorate of Rev. James Caldwell, Chaplain in the New Jersey Brigade under Washington.This building was completed in…
Honoring the patriotic deadof many warslaid to rest in this hallowed groundespecially a noble womanHanah White Arnett Placed here on the 45th anniversary ofthe organization ofBoudinot ChapterDaughters of the American RevolutionSeptember 27th, 1938
Site ofOld BoroughCourt HouseBuilt Prior tothe Revolution.Burned by the British 1780.
Site of theOld AcademyAttended byAlexander Hamiltonand Aaron Burr Col. Francis Barberwas Principal at the outbreakof the Revolution.
Elizabeth celebrates Washington's Inaugural Bicentennial George Washington journeyed to "Elizabethtown" - met with a committee of Continental Congress in Boxwood Hall - Sailed from Elizabethport - April 23, 1789 (Back of Marker) "Elizabeth c…