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Robert Alexander Long in 1875 established his first lumber yard at this site. Fifty years later Long-Bell lumber company was the largest lumber company in the world. www.ralonghistoricalsociety.org
The Cherokee Indians were given this land in an 1835 treaty becoming the Cherokee Neutral Lands. Kansas was established as a state in 1861. The territory became Cherokee County named for the Cherokee Indian Nation. During the Civil War the Cher…
In Grateful Memory of AllThose Who Served Their Country. Star CemeteryFred Fry · William Druit · Pete BondJames Geddes · James HuntsingerJohn Marietta · Joe MariettaDalla Creekmore · Julian EnglebrightChar…
1919 · Donated thru civic contributionsMrs. C.E. Bartlett, Chairperson1955 · Removed from old courthouse1983 · Rediscovered & refurbishedby Mr. Starr Smith1988 · Donated & rededicated to allCherokee County Veteransby St…
In appreciation of our customersfor their loyal patronagethis fountain is given to the residentsof Cherokee County in celebration of our100th anniversary The Columbus State Bank1897-1997 Dedicated June 27, 1997
Unique railroading history is on display before you. A three-way interlocking railway crossing. The crossing, formerly located in the northern part of Columbus, was donated to the City of Columbus by the Burlington Northern Railroad. At the tim…