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Burned in the Great Chicago Fire, 1871.
Erected by the citizens of Edison Park in honor of our boys who served in the Army and Navy of the USA during the World War. Edison Park Honor Roll World War (Names not inscribed)
Medal of Honor-Recipient Posthumous, Milton L. Olive III Park, PFC U.S. Army Company B, 2b Battalion (Airborne) 503d Infantry, 173 Airborne Brigade, Vietnam, 1965. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life ab…
Chicago's Boulevards are one of the city's most overlooked treasures, and one of the largest and oldest boulevard systems in the nation. The 28-mile system contains 540 acres of green space, and provides a link between seven inland parks and Lake …
The section of the boulevard system north of Humboldt Park dates to the late 1870s, when the park first opened. As a result, this entire portion—present-day Kedzie and Logan boulevards and Logan and Palmer squares—originally was called…
This building was the first permanent structure of the city's public library system. Designed to be a grand civic building, its exterior appearance and its interior spaces are based on classical Greek and Italian Renaissance precedents. The librar…
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of The Interior
By reforming astronomy he initiated modern science Mikołai Kopernik Nicolaus Copernicus Polish Astronomer 1473-1543 Erected in 1973 by the Copernicus Foundation and the Polish American Congress to Commemorate the 500th Anniversary…
Born in Illinois February IX MDCCCMDXXVI [February 9, 1826]. Died in Washington Dec XXVI MDCCCLXXXVI [Dec. 26, 1886] while senator of the United States from Illinois . Erected by the State of Illinois, in honor of General John A Logan
George Pullman established his reputation in Chicago in 1859 by inventing a way to raise buildings to the new street level required for installation of a sewer system. In 1863, he began converting railroad passenger cars into luxury sleeping v…
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