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Born in St Lucia January 23, 1915Nobel Prizefor Economics - 1979"A country without the Artsis a cultural desert"1971 Graduation Address,U.W.I. Cave HillDied June 15, 1991.
Born in St Lucia January 23, 1930Nobel Prizefor Literature 1992"Moi c'est gens Ste. Lucie: C'est lamoi sorti: is there that I born"Excerpt from the poem"Sainte Lucie"
To the Glory of God and theabiding memory of the menof Saint Lucia who lost theirlives in the Great War 1914-1918. British West Indies Regiment. No. ∙ Rank ∙ Name ∙ Batt. ∙ 1092 Pte. Arthur Augustin 2nd. ∙10458 "…
27th Inniskilling Regt On the 24th May 1796 the 27th Regt stormed and captured Morne Fortune. As a mark of the Regiment's gallant conduct Sir Ralph Abercrombie ordered the French garrison to lay down their arms to the 27th Regt and directed that …
In 1688 the inhabitants of Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh, Ireland took up arms in defense of their town against the threat of occupation by the forces of James II. The troops so raised, The Inniskillingers, Foot and Dragoons, made repeated expeditio…