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Locally known as "The Swamp House," from 1892 to 1920, this brothel occupied what is now the empty lot behind the Odd Fellow Hall. The high water table created a murky slough in front of this den of intiquity, and to approach the house, patrons ha…
The building stands in the original town of Lorenzo, laid out by sawmill owner Joseph Peery, who included a "no whiskey" clause in each lot's deed. In 1885 Boulder Creek was chosen for the terminus of the railroad from Felton, and after a fire dev…
A group of conservationists led by Andrew P. Hill camped at the base of Slippery Rock on May 15, 1900 and formed the Sempervirens Club to preserve the redwoods of Big Basin. Their efforts resulted in deeding 3,500 acres of primeval forest to the S…