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The one-and-a-half story Copperton Community Methodist Church building was constructed in 1942. It was originally sited at the Kearns Army Base, located approximately three miles northeast of Copperton, and was moved to its current location in 194…
Bingham Canyon was named for Erastus Bingham and sons, Sanford and Thomas, Utah Pioneers of 1847, who in 1848 took up grazing land in this vicinity, first for private herds and later as a community enterprise. They built a small cabin at the mouth…
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Remnant ofStamp Foundationfrom the Rogers MillwhereDaniel C. Jacklingin 1898-1899 conducted the original mill tests on ore from this deposit. On the results of these tests the Utah Copper enterprise was conceived and to January 1, 1949 had produce…
The history of the town began in August 1848 when two young Mormon pioneers, Sanford and Thomas Bingham, settled in this narrow wilderness canyon to herd cattle. Within a few years the area became a supplier of timber for local saw mills. Much of …