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This propertyhas been placed on the National Registerof Historic Places by the United StatesDepartment of the Interior Security Savings Bank1889
A man of indomitable faith, he brought culture to a wilderness. Learning and religion were of first concern. Freely giving to both, he labored unceasingly for a city whose good lay very close to his heart.
The Mauvaise (Bad) River was so named by the French due to the difficulties of its navigation. The Indians called it Mushkeezeebi or Marsh River. In 1845 the Rev. L.H. Wheeler, Protestant missionary at La Pointe, planned an agricultural settlement…
William Daniel Leahy was born in Iowa in 1875 and his family soon moved to Wisconsin. He graduated from Ashland High School in 1892 and for the rest of his life considered Ashland his home town. Leahy graduated from the Naval Academy and served…
North Wisconsin Academy, founded in 1892 by the Congregational Churches, provided the first high school education available to young people of the small, isolated lumber camp, sawmill and farm communities in the area known as the Great Lakes Piner…
A crude structure of boughs of trees "layed acrosse, one upon an other" was erected near here by Pierre Radisson and Medart Groseilliers in 1659. The two French traders came to Chequamegon Bay from Montreal and Radisson's account of their journey …
Type; Wooden Schooner, three-mastedBuilt: 1873, Parsons & Humble, Tonawanda, N.Y.Sank: November 17, 1886Length: 195' Beam: 34'Cargo: Grain, coal, and iron oreDepth: 20'Lives Lost: 9Listed on the National Register of Historic Places About 200 ya…