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Front Amory's Tribute to the Heroes of 1861—1865 Right Side List of Members Stonewall Camp #427, Amory, Monroe County, MS Rear To the women of the Confederacy whose pious ministrations to our wounded soldiers soothed the las…
The Gilmore Sanitarium was built in 1916 by Ellie Davidson Gilmore and his wife, Virginia. This twenty-two bed facility included a laboratory and operating room. The sanitarium served as Amory's primary hospital until 1961, after which the buildin…
Area E. of Tombigbee R., S. of Gaines' Trace ceded in Chickasaw Council House Treaty, 1816. Became part of Monroe Co., 1821. South portion severed, 1830, at formation of Lowndes Co.
Mound built circa 100 A.D. for the burial of high-status members of an unknown Indian tribal group. Cemetery established during the mid-1800s by the Nabers family and other early settlers of Monroe County.
Becker's first Post Office building operating from 1920 until early 1960s. Given to the Amory Regional Museum by Mr. Hershel Sandlin in memory of his wife Mrs. Kay Sandlin