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Founded in 1851 from many claims. One of the most profitable and longest running mines. Joining with South Spring Hill Mine working till 1942. East shaft worked until 1952. Reached a depth of 2680'. Employed 100 men and produced $24,000,000 in gold.
The first internment in the Amador City Cemetery was 1851 with the last being in 1892. There are many more graves than indicated by the marble headstones. Some graves were never marked and others utilized hand carved wooden markers. During the 195…
Opened in 1852 from six claims. Renamed Original Amador Consolidated working till 1918. Reopened in 1935 till 1937. Shaft reached 1238'. Total production was $3,500,000.
Present two story brick structure was completed in 1879. Designed as a mercantile store, then converted to hotel and boarding house to accommodate local miners and travelers. Remained in operation until 1927. Walls at the base are twelve bricks th…