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New historical dairy marker dedicated in Beaver Dam
July 17th 2019 7:18AM

The town of Beaver Dam kicked off Independence Day by dedicating a piece of the town's history. On July 4, members of the Bear River Company ...

Intersecting Lines
July 17th 2019 3:55AM

In 1871, Willard Clark Wixom founded the village on property at the intersection of planned railroad lines. (A historical marker located in Wixom in ...

Mason Depot owners speak out: 'We will get through it'
July 17th 2019 12:33AM

The building that houses the Mason Depot Diner has an Ingham County historical marker. It was built as a railroad depot in 1902. If you want to help, ...

Trio brought life to Dover speedway
July 16th 2019 10:41PM

The historical marker commemorating Dover International Speedway's 50th anniversary was unveiled right off Leipsic Road behind the racetrack, near ...

Holy Rosary Institute redevelopment moving forward: 'It's a vital part of telling our story'
July 16th 2019 8:37PM

He said he frequently sees visitors reading the school's historical marker and taking pictures of the property. A practicing Catholic, Landry said the ...

Historic marker dedicated in Elsanor
July 16th 2019 7:30PM

The people gathered at Elsanor Community Center for the unveiling of the bronze historical marker sponsored by the Baldwin County Commission ...

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July 16th 2019 6:55PM

Thanks for uploading File:Fort Mathews Historical Marker.jpg. I noticed that while you provided a valid copyright licensing tag, there is no proof that the ...

New historical marker to commemorate Fauquier's Rosenwald Schools
July 16th 2019 6:33PM

A new historical marker commemorating Fauquier County's eight Rosenwald Schools will be unveiled Saturday, Aug. 3, in a ceremony at Eva Walker ...

Ocoee Massacre Victim Being Honored Historical Marker
July 16th 2019 5:57PM

Ocoee Massacre Victim Being Honored Historical Marker. Diary Of Silviamatrilineally. 720 x 482. Ocoee Massacre Victim Being Honored With ...

Robert Wesley Adams, Jr.
July 16th 2019 5:15PM

In his spare time, he enjoyed reading about and studying history, he couldn't pass a historical marker without stopping. Another passion of his was ...

July 16th 2019 12:37PM

Legendary lake monster lives here. Over 300 sightings reported since 1819. Up to 200 feet long. (A historical marker located near Plattsburgh in ...

Old State Road
July 16th 2019 12:25PM

A historical marker located near Oppenheim in Fulton County, New York.)

Historical marker unveiled for lynching victim John Henry James
July 16th 2019 1:50AM

John Henry James — an African American lynching victim — now has a historical marker on the grounds of the Albemarle County Courthouse that ...

Historical marker honoring 1920 lynching victim unveiled in Downtown Orlando
June 21st 2019 9:44PM

ORLANDO, Fla. (FOX 35 ORLANDO) - An Orlando historical marker honoring the 1920 lynching victim was unveiled Friday in Downtown Orlando.

Cutler fundraising for historical marker
July 16th 2019 5:03AM

The fundraising event, raising money for a historical marker, will be held on July 27 and is sponsored by the Cutler Heritage and Legacy Society.

Ann Story
July 16th 2019 3:20AM

Ann Story was a pioneer and Rutland settler, a widowed mother of five, and a Revolutionary War spy and hero. (A historical marker located in Rutland ...

Price's Meadow
July 16th 2019 3:20AM

This tract of land was once home of Cherokee Chief Chuqualatague (Doublehead), the last chieftain along Cumberland River. (A historical marker ...

Blues Commission clarifies Skynyrd crash site marker report
July 16th 2019 12:46AM

It's probably more in line to be a historical marker,” he said. ... While reiterating his desire to see a historical marker for the crash, Poole went on to ...

Denton County Community Rememberance Project
July 15th 2019 9:00PM

... Juneteenth, a meeting was held in the offices of the Denton Record-Chronicle to discuss the lynching Monument locations and the historical marker.

Malta Drive-In Theatre marks 70th anniversary
July 15th 2019 6:56PM

The marquee and the neon-topped entry arches are honored by a New York State historical marker. They also greatly expanded the snack bar and ...

Where The Bodies Are Buried
July 15th 2019 2:15PM

Five years ago, when Hollie-Jawaid applied for a historical marker honoring Slocum's victims, local leaders called the idea “inappropriate,” ...

Lakeland hears case for naming Lake Wire's Freedom Park after Buffalo Soldiers
July 15th 2019 10:39PM

There's a historical marker dedicated to the Buffalo Soldiers on the north end of the lake, but Wilder believes the name of the large, waterfront park on ...

Time to re-invent transportation
July 15th 2019 6:56PM

At one of our stops, I saw a historical marker that pointed out that in 1847 the Donner Party had traversed the same trail we were driving.

Historical marker will be dedicated to Fauquier County's Rosenwald Schools
July 15th 2019 12:00PM

The process of creating Warrenton's newest historical marker began in April of 2018. White said that she was contacted by Jerry Klinger, president of ...

Search Results - The Historical Marker Database
July 15th 2019 4:43PM

A list of Historical Markers or Monuments about Search Results.

Historic Mason Depot Diner, closed after fire, was second home to many
July 15th 2019 11:03AM

A historical marker on the outside of the Mason Depot Diner. The former railroad depot, built in 1902, was heavily damaged by a fire earlier this month.

Stacy Building
July 15th 2019 3:21AM

His son Frank took over the business in 1911 and served as Mayor from 1914 to 1918. (A historical marker located in Springfield in Hampden County, ...

Tennessee Governor Faces Backlash for Honoring Confederate General And KKK Leader
July 14th 2019 11:26PM

A historical marker in downtown Memphis, sponsored by Calvary Episcopal Church, Rhodes College and the National Park Service, reads: “Nathan ...

Scanner Reports 7-15-19
July 15th 2019 3:22PM

... 594pc Vandalism 2000 Block of Chino transient destroying an historical marker; Check the Welfare of a female behind the bathrooms at Dwight ...

The deadly race riot 'aided and abetted' by The Washington Post a century ago
July 15th 2019 10:52AM

The man attacked Louise Simmons in the afternoon, as she was leaving the Washington school where she taught. He had ridden up on a bicycle, ...

July 15th 2019 3:07AM

Named for John Livingston, settler. Livingston Post Office 1805. (A historical marker located in Livingston in Columbia County, New York.)

To Mark the First Clearing in Steuben County
July 14th 2019 10:17PM

A historical marker located in Bath in Steuben County, New York.)

Tennessee Governor Faces Backlash for Honoring Confederate General And KKK Leader
July 14th 2019 11:26PM

A historical marker in downtown Memphis, sponsored by Calvary Episcopal Church, Rhodes College and the National Park Service, reads: "Nathan ...

Book review: 'Orphaned No More'
July 14th 2019 4:52AM

... second floor now houses a Morrison museum; the dedication of a new Kentucky Historical Marker, as well as the construction of a new tabernacle.

Editorial: Uncomfortable history, especially, must be remembered
July 14th 2019 9:00AM

One idea that has been floated by historians is a state historical marker designating part of the area where the riots took place. We support that idea, ...

Vermilionville Historical Timeline Historical Marker
July 14th 2019 3:26AM

... people hunt bison, deer, bear and small game; harvest fish and shellfish. (A historical marker located in Lafayette in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.)

Buller House
July 14th 2019 3:26AM

Buller House: A Creole Style House This Creole style house was built in 1807 on land acquired by Joseph Buller near Prairie Ronde in Saint Landry ...

Mentzer Building
July 14th 2019 3:22AM

A historical marker located in Ephrata in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.)

History is interesting, even if it's an old road
July 14th 2019 9:11AM

I was driving toward Columbus Junction, Iowa, a couple of weeks ago for a story on Bug Soother gnat repellent when, out of the corner of my eye, ...

The Orion Anderson Story
July 14th 2019 3:22AM

A historical marker located in Leesburg in Loudoun County, Virginia.)

Bayou Vermilion District
July 14th 2019 3:22AM

THE BAYOU VERMILION DISTRICT The historic village at Vermilionville is administered by the Lafayette Parish Bayou Vermilion District (LPBVD).

Thaddeus Stevens
July 14th 2019 3:22AM

Philanthropy An important part of Thaddeus Stevens' legacy is his philanthropy. (A historical marker located in Lancaster in Lancaster County, ...

TREE CLIMBING: Remembering tales of the old Herald
July 13th 2019 5:03PM

If you look at the Texas Historical Marker located at the old Katy Depot, you will see that many of these men were responsible for bringing railroads into ...

Lancaster Rotary Park
July 14th 2019 3:22AM

On February 23, 1905 Rotary International, the world's first and largest non-profit service organization was founded. (A historical marker located in ...

Artists and businesses form community in Masonic Temple
July 13th 2019 6:56PM

"That building is an Ohio Historical marker, that just tells you the importance of that building," Baldwin said. "It really is truly a masterpiece." According ...

Zion Missionary Baptist Celebration: Church commemorates its 125th anniversary
July 13th 2019 5:26PM

On Sunday July 7, Zion Missionary Baptist Church celebrated the 125th anniversary of it's founding in 1894. The Rev. Rubin W. Jackson is the head ...

World-renowned bridge designer from Massena honored with dedication
July 13th 2019 12:45PM

A number of local officials and Massena Museum board members attended the dedication of the historical marker Saturday, July 6. The marker “will ...

FAMU installs historical marker at Lucy Moten Elementary School
July 12th 2019 11:15PM

(WCTV) -- Florida A&M University installed a historical marker at the Lucy Moten Elementary School on Friday, July 12th. The building dates back to ...

Harrison County Historical Commission gets award, approval for Memorial Highway signage
July 13th 2019 9:00AM

The organization also has an active historical marker program in which the HCHC cleans local historical markers as well as assist entities in obtaining ...

Museum walks Heritage Trail: Event highlights Civil War sites
July 12th 2019 7:07PM

The raid, denoted by a historical marker in Taylor Park, is a centerpiece in the Saint Albans Museum, where artifacts of one of the raid's best-known ...

Albemarle Co., C'Ville Officials Unveil Historic Marker Memorializing John Henry James
July 12th 2019 9:56PM

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A historical marker in a place that symbolizes justice aims to undo some of the damage in race relations across ...

Historical marker unveiled for John Henry James, Charlottesville lynching victim
July 12th 2019 10:52PM

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — More than a hundred years after his death, a black man named John Henry James is being recognized by the City of ...

Albany fifty years ago, a look back at the old Albany city hall
July 12th 2019 6:22PM

Now, a historical marker sits where the old city hall once was. The marker was completed just last year and outlines the injustices that Wilson is talking ...

The Wizard of Gap: Inventor William Chester Ruth
July 12th 2019 4:41PM

This building no longer exists, but along U.S. Route 30, near its former site, now stands a Pennsylvania historical marker commemorating his many ...

City Lake Park receives Texas Historical Marker
July 12th 2019 1:57PM

The Texas Historical Commission has recognized City Lake Park as a significant part of Texas history by awarding it an Official Texas Historical Marker.

Local News
June 14th 2019 3:23PM

Analysis: Takeaways from the Confederate monument's rejected historical marker application. By Dalton LaFerney Staff Writer ...

Charlottesville Dedicates Historical Marker Remembering Lynching
July 12th 2019 5:44PM

Today, 121 years after John Henry James was lynched near Charlottesville, Virginia, in Albermarle County, community members and officials are ...

Historical marker placed for Ohio's first female sheriff
July 12th 2019 9:00AM

McARTHUR — A historical marker for Maude Collins, the first female sheriff in Ohio history, was placed beside the Vinton County Courthouse on ...

Historical marker ceremony planned in Ewing Sept. 7
July 12th 2019 4:41AM

Lovelady Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution are honoring codebreakers Frank Rowlett and Gene Grabeel in a historical marker ...

County Historical Commission receives Distinguished Service Award from THC
July 12th 2019 3:11AM

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) has once again awarded the Aransas County Historical Commission (ACHC) its Distinguished Service Award ...

From Baseball to Houdini
July 12th 2019 2:01AM

The early history of baseball is closely associated with this site, once occupied by the Gotham Inn, an 18th century farmhouse-turned-tavern that by the ...

Invitation to the Dedication of Absalom Jones Way at the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas
July 11th 2019 5:49PM

Leaflet for the Dedication Service of the State Historical Marker Commemorating Absalom Jones at the Original Site of African Episcopal Church of St.

North Country: The Big Nansen
July 11th 2019 5:37PM

They installed a historical marker near the base. But Scott told me that the Red Bull commercial made the goal for the Nansen more ambitious.

Historical markers disappearing too fast for North Carolina to replace
July 11th 2019 5:26PM

RALEIGH (AP) -- Hurricanes, thievery and wrecks are taking out North Carolina's popular historical highway markers faster than the state can keep up.

An Unforgettable Day
July 12th 2019 1:20AM

On July 10, 1999, the USA women's soccer team secured a win for the ages at the Rose Bowl. (A historical marker located in Pasadena in Los ...

Hunt Morgan House Hunt House Hunt House Historical Marker Photo By Hunt Morgan House ...
July 11th 2019 10:59PM

Hunt Morgan House Hunt House Hunt House Historical Marker Photo By Hunt Morgan House Lexington Kentucky. hunt morgan house hunt house ...

Crystal Cathedral reborn Catholic, 'Conjuring' house, Wiki 'editathon': News from around our 50 ...
July 11th 2019 6:33AM

Historical marker program administrator Ansley Herring Wegner says five historical markers are missing, and a sixth that had been missing may be ...

Name Change Sought to Honor Buffalo Soldiers
July 11th 2019 7:24PM

Buffalo Soldiers historical marker. Freedom Park. The cavalry troops known as buffalo soldiers who camped on the shore of Lake Wire in 1898 are ...

El Grotto is gone: Former Battle Creek club that launched careers of Jr. Walker, Al Green is torn down
July 11th 2019 10:30AM

A Michigan Historical Marker like the one Holley suggested is found on the corner of Capital Avenue and Hamblin Avenue, the site where Del ...

Florida A&M unveils historical state marker at Lucy Moten School site on Friday
July 11th 2019 5:12PM

At 1 p.m. Friday, Florida A&M University President Larry Robinson will join FAMU Developmental Research School alumni as a state historical marker ...

The Fantastic Robert E. Howard
July 11th 2019 3:22PM

Soon, the state of Texas will put an official historical marker outside the museum. Howard's life may have ended in a car and under a cloud — but his ...

WATCH: Beaver County Board of Commissioners Work Session 7-10-2019
July 11th 2019 12:09PM

Asked Commissioners to consider helping them get approval of a historical marker for the former location of gunsmith Thomas Allison's workshop.

Unsolicited Endorsement: 'The Black Panthers: Portraits from an Unfinished Revolution'
July 11th 2019 7:30AM

... made locally to commemorate and document the work of the Winston-Salem chapter of the Panthers — most noticeably a historical marker installed ...

LCdr. Michael Hoff
July 11th 2019 3:23AM

The Freedom Tree with the vision of universal freedom for all mankind This tree is dedicated to LCdr. (A historical marker located in Jacksonville in ...

Church c. 1795
July 11th 2019 3:23AM

Site of Clifton Park Dutch Reformed Church. (A historical marker located in Clifton Park in Saratoga County, New York.)

Underground Railroad hero to be honored with historical marker in Quakertown
July 11th 2019 2:37AM

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. - Quakertown plans to honor a celebrated figure in the anti-slavery movement of the 1800s. On Wednesday night, the ...

'History on a stick' signs disappearing too fast to keep up
July 10th 2019 4:30PM

By MARTHA WAGGONER. RALEIGH — Hurricanes, thievery and wrecks are taking out North Carolina's popular historical highway markers faster ...

33 East Main Street
July 11th 2019 3:23AM

A historical marker located in Strasburg in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.)

City of Pearland brings new excitement with 125th celebration
July 10th 2019 8:03PM

... Gardens Co. drew in residents by pushing the area as fertile farmland with ready railroad access, according to a Pearland historical marker.

Historical marker honors Kemper County namesake
July 11th 2019 12:33AM

A special historical marker for Rueben Kemper, the namesake of Kemper County, was unveiled in front of the Court House in DeKalb during a special ...

Tallassee time capsules to preserve history
July 10th 2019 8:26PM

Tallassee residents have the opportunity to leave legacies for descendants to discover 100 years from now with the Talisi Historical Preservation ...

Video: Legendary Lake Champlain Monster Gets Historical Marker
July 10th 2019 4:32PM

By Tim Binnall A legendary 'monster' said to lurk in the waters of Lake Champlain has been recognized with a historical marker. The alleged denizen ...

'History on a stick' signs disappearing, including markers in Asheville, Buncombe
July 10th 2019 6:10PM

Related: Answer Man: Historical marker returning for Confederate colonel/headmaster? The program began in 1936, when the first marker was placed ...

Alaska Flight 261 Memorial
July 10th 2019 5:42PM

The flight was en route from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to San Francisco and Seattle. (A historical marker located in Port Hueneme in Ventura County, ...

Guest column: Key legislation passed for Denton County
July 10th 2019 5:03PM

Historical marker honors longtime educator. I was honored to join Precinct 3 Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell and Denton Mayor Chris Watts in ...

Historical marker to honor Irene Morgan
July 10th 2019 4:52PM

A new historical marker for Gloucester honoring Irene Morgan was approved during the June 20 meeting of the Virginia Board of Historic Resources.

Restoration underway for Dunbar Public School
July 10th 2019 12:00PM

On Steekee Road in Loudon, an aged school house with peeling paint, a barren flagpole and a historical marker reveals the 1920s building survived ...

Historical marker honoring local humorist unveiled
July 10th 2019 9:56PM

FATHER OF HISTORIC BATH: A crowd watches as a new N.C. Highway Historical Marker was unveiled on Wednesday, celebrating the life of Edmund ...

Irish House
July 10th 2019 5:43PM

A historical marker located in Clifton Park in Saratoga County, New York.)

A storm destroyed part of the 'segregation wall' in Arlington, Virginia
July 10th 2019 4:30PM

The county erected a historical marker at one end of the wall, explaining to passersby why and when it had been constructed. Bloss has been talking ...

'History on a stick' signs disappearing too fast to keep up
July 10th 2019 4:18PM

Historical marker program administrator Ansley Herring Wegner says five historical markers are missing and a sixth that had been missing may be ...

Thespian cousins arose from Central Texas roots
July 10th 2019 3:00PM

Martinets remembers when Double A began construction of the Spacek house, which has a historical marker in front of it. Martinets is three years older ...

Pike Historical Society seeks funds for Monticello marker
July 10th 2019 1:30PM

Diane Smith, historical society president, said the mission is to fund the replacement of the historical marker that recognized Monticello as the Seat of ...

NAACP seek to highlight the contributions of African Americans in El Dorado
July 10th 2019 1:41AM

In August 2015, the NAACP held an event in the area of Cedar and Hill to gauge interest in erecting a historical marker in the area and to gather more ...

Rural Museum
July 9th 2019 10:46PM

Town of Edinburg acquired-1930. Used as highway barn until 1974 Converted to rural museum-1991. Operated by Historical Society. (A historical ...

Council seeks to set markers around lake
July 10th 2019 3:22PM

He said the historical marker project was proposed based upon the “huge success” of the documentary film, “Harnessing Nature — Building of the ...

Important dates reverberate through Buckhead to this day
July 10th 2019 4:30AM

Montgomery returned to the area, becoming Atlanta's first white settler, or so a historical marker on Marietta Boulevard claims. He made his homestead ...

Wall built to separate whites, blacks in Detroit 'an important story to tell'
July 10th 2019 3:22AM

The Michigan State Historic Preservation Office is working to get the wall on the National Register of Historic Places and put a state historical marker at ...

NC Highway historical marker to recognize preservationist/humorist
July 9th 2019 9:21PM

Humorist and preservationist Edmund Harding will be recognized with a N.C. Highway Historical Marker to be dedicated Wednesday, July 10, 1 p.m., ...

Visions of Vernon: The Westport Fight
July 10th 2019 12:56AM

113/462 historical marker, Rapides Parish Courthouse records, and the newspaper, “Louisiana Democrat”. It must be remembered that Johnson was ...