Historical Marker News

State historical marker for Johnson C. Smith University goes missing
November 16th 2018 9:51AM

A state historical marker commemorating Charlotte's Johnson C. Smith University is missing from Beatties Ford Road at Dixon Street in Charlotte.

Hundred Acre Lot Historical marker
November 16th 2018 9:42AM

The new Historical Marker for the former Hundred Acre Lot installed near the entrance of College Park on Curtis Street. Credit: City of Jamestown ...

AT&SF Locomotive #2542 - Wilson Park, Arkansas City, Kansas
November 15th 2018 3:52PM

A historical marker describing the history of AT&SF Locomotive #2542, which is on permanent display in Wilson Park in Arkansas City, Kansas.

November 15th 2018 12:19PM

Members of the Jamestown Historical Marker Committee, with officials from Jamestown Community College, Fenton History Center and the city of ...

A Fond Farewell: Ball presides over final City Council meeting, ending 24-year public service career
November 15th 2018 9:56AM

NEWPORT—With the waning moments of a 24-year public service career slipping away, City of Newport Mayor Connie Ball presided over his final city ...

Unearthing the past
November 15th 2018 9:33AM

The time capsule is referenced in a Utica Daily Press story from 1969, where “an aluminum historical marker was erected ... in the mall of the ...

Barnett Chapel receives Texas historical marker
November 15th 2018 6:00AM

The 121-year history of Kerrville's Barnett Chapel Methodist Church was formally recognized Saturday morning during a Texas historical marker ...

The View from the Balcony: “Strange Fruit” The Last Lynching Victim in Lafayette County ...
November 14th 2018 11:37PM

A historical marker containing a brief history of this heinous event now stands at the corner of Molly Barr and North Lamar (Three-way), as near the ...

Fresh off re-election, McKee sees challenges in Pott County
November 14th 2018 9:56PM

... opponent, Sage TeBeest, advocated for and gained traction on was the preservation of the Pottawatomie County courthouse as a historical marker.

FAMU honors first Rattler accepted into the US Army Air Corps
November 14th 2018 6:07PM

A historical marker at the FAMU Village student housing complex was created for Lieutenant James Polkinghorne. The Purple Heart recipient, was ...

Deadline Approaching to Apply for Historical Marker Funding
November 10th 2018 9:33PM

The PA Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC) is reminding individuals, public agencies and private organizations that Dec. 1 is the final date for ...

Texas A&M's Seventh State Historical Marker Commemorates World War I
November 14th 2018 12:57PM

The seventh state historical marker on the Texas A&M campus was dedicated Tuesday morning. A&M officials and the Brazos County Historical ...

Preserving the County's history
November 14th 2018 4:30PM

Some of the exemplary efforts considered for the Distinguished Service Award include advancing youth programs, overseeing historical marker ...

Historic Marker Unveiling Planned for Wednesday Afternoon
November 14th 2018 1:41PM

JAMESTOWN – The newest historical marker for the city of Jamestown will be unveiled Wednesday on the city's east site along Curtis Street.

Dick Martin: Deer-gun season starts on the 26th
November 14th 2018 12:22PM

Nature lovers are invited to attend an Oho Historical Marker Dedication at Goll Woods State Nature Preserve on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 1 p.m. The ...

Cerner Founder wins 46th Outstanding Kansas Citian Award
November 14th 2018 6:06AM

The Boy Scouts of America's new historical marker will be placed near the Eagle Scout Fountain, at E 39th St & Gillham Rd. This particular marker will ...

Wilton Manors swears in all-gay City Commission
November 14th 2018 3:22AM

"It's a historical marker but not necessarily a defining moment," Rolli said. But they say they want to set an example. "We are the hallmark for creating a ...

Marker will honor Alpheus Branch
November 14th 2018 2:15AM

A historical marker will be unveiled Tuesday, Nov. 20, at the former location of Alpheus Branch's home at 303 W. Nash St. Thomas Drug is now at that ...

Texas A&M's Seventh State Historical Marker Commemorates World War I
November 13th 2018 11:03PM

The seventh state historical marker on the Texas A&M campus was dedicated Tuesday morning. A&M officials and the Brazos County Historical ...

Armstrong's Boyhood Home to Receive Historical Marker
November 13th 2018 3:39PM

Armstrong's Boyhood Home to Receive Historical Marker ... An Ohio Historical Marker will soon be placed in the front lawn of Neil Armstrong's ...

Weather Blog: Don't Believe Everything You Read
November 13th 2018 1:07PM

Normally it's around Pearl Harbor Day December 7th, (a historical marker), I use as a snow land mark here, when we see our first event. Let the ...

Atlanta-based musicians to perform in Saturday's Saluda musical
November 13th 2018 12:56PM

“Saluda Grade” was written by him after he noticed the historical marker describing the legendary Saluda Grade while walking around the city before ...

Susan O Hail Grave Historical Marker, Nebraska
November 13th 2018 5:28AM

Susan O Hail Grave Historical Marker is a park within Nebraska and is nearby to Denman and Elm Island. From Mapcarta, the interactive map.

Histories & Mysteries: The forgotten 17 are America's earliest veterans buried in unmarked graves ...
November 13th 2018 9:08AM

In June 1918, the Pennsylvania State Historic Commission held a dedication for a historical marker, which was attended by numerous dignitaries.

Parallel geography leads Caroline students to honor Korean War vets
November 13th 2018 2:01AM

Korean War veteran John Clatterbaugh told a group gathered at Caroline High School on Monday that he was born in Virginia in 1930 on the 38th ...

Neil Armstrong's boyhood home to be recognized
November 12th 2018 11:31PM

The home, which is located on West Benton Street in Wapakoneta, is just weeks away from having an Ohio Historical Marker placed in its front lawn.

This Beaufort home where Southerners first hatched plans for secession is for sale
November 12th 2018 8:18PM

... the brothers hosted gatherings of like-minded Southerners in the large home a block from the Beaufort River, according to the historical marker.

Lions golf course threatened, according to national report
November 12th 2018 8:12PM

The state Historical Commission awarded it a historical marker in 2009. In 2016, the course was added to the National Parks Service's Register of ...

Florida city elects country's second all-LGBTQ local government
November 12th 2018 3:22PM

Voters in Wilton Manors, Florida, on Tuesday elected the state's first and the country's second all-LGBTQ local government. Palm Springs, California ...

Historical Marker for Mendenhalls Dedicated
November 13th 2018 2:36AM

Historical Marker for Mendenhalls Dedicated. November 12, 2018 PYM. On Saturday, November 10, 2018, over 50 people gathered at the intersection ...

Tryon Palace, Restored 1959. Image courtesy of NC Highway Historical Marker C-2, North ...
November 12th 2018 9:48PM

The Cape Fear River '.Drums of Autumn' I am proud NC resident and was thrilled beyond words when I got to the part in the series where Jamie ...

Town of McCall
November 12th 2018 2:33AM

Historical marker about the Town of McCall located at the trailhead of the Cape Haze Pioneer Trail in Charlotte County, Florida.

Strake-Gray Oilfield House designated county historical landmark
November 11th 2018 6:04PM

Butch Bateman and Sarah Bess Gray Crow unveil a historical marker for the Strake-Gray Oilfield House during a dedication for the building Saturday, ...

November 11th 2018 3:33PM

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Pair envisions 1898 home's revival
November 11th 2018 9:33AM

An inaccurate back story about the house's origins was described on a historical marker that stood on the front lawn for many years and became part ...

Top secret 'Ghost Army' of artist-soldiers fooled Hitler's troops. One of its last members is living ...
November 11th 2018 8:05AM

The historical marker tells the tale of one of the longest and most important operations. In the U.S., legislation was introduced earlier this year to award ...

Millfair Road construction crew earns high praise: Letters to the editor
November 11th 2018 8:03AM

Now the city will tear down the McBride Viaduct, obliterating a historical marker and much of its Irish history. Will the demolition create the imperative of ...

Man killed in Thousand Oaks nightclub shooting had deep roots in Oregon
November 10th 2018 6:44AM

An Oregon Historical Marker sign just east of North Plains on Highway 26 carries a family namesake. Joseph L. Meek was an Oregon pioneer and the ...

Temple B'nai Israel unveils marker in conjunction with bicentennial
November 10th 2018 6:11AM

FLORENCE — Temple B'nai Israel unveiled a historical marker on its grounds Friday to commemorate its history in the area that dates to the 1840s ...

Celebrating 100 years of women voting
November 10th 2018 12:22AM

... 100 years of a women's right to vote in New York state – on the New York state historical marker for Elizabeth Smith Miller in Peterboro, N.Y..

ASU Pays Tribute to Black WWI Soldiers for WWI 100th Anniversary
November 9th 2018 9:45PM

... of their lives, so I think that is a good thing,” said Williams. ASU also commemorated the soldiers with the unveiling of a historical marker on campus.

Historical Signs Mark The Spot
November 10th 2018 3:10AM

In 2017, a historical marker was installed at the site of the 1940 Publix Super Market, 197 West Central Avenue, Winter Haven, Florida In its day, it was ...

Historical Marker...
November 10th 2018 12:21AM

[IMG] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6368753/Girlfriends-share-hilarious-pranks-mischievous-boyfriends.html.

PA Historical & Museum Commission Accepting Nominations For Historical Markers
November 9th 2018 5:53PM

Send completed nominations to State Historical Marker Program, Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office, PHMC, 400 North St., Second Floor, ...

Honor Wally Triplett's memory by building his 'ultimate goal' monument
November 9th 2018 7:18PM

“He was able to get a historical marker, which is outside Beaver Stadium near the museum entrance. It's there, you can go and read it. But that ...

2 arrested over swastikas painted in Binghamton
November 9th 2018 6:11PM

... Broome County Jail without bail. The Press Bulletin reports the swastikas and profanity painted on a historical marker at the school have since been ...

Planning gets started for Clinton County Courthouse's centennial in 2019
November 9th 2018 5:48PM

The unveiling of an historical marker on courthouse square is one thing settled upon already. But the courthouse will be showcased next October in ...

'That was our mission, to deceive the Germans': Suburban WWII 'Ghost' soldier gets hero's ...
November 9th 2018 4:52PM

Bluestein also helped dedicate the first Ghost Army historical marker, located in the town of Bettembourg, Luxembourg. It marks the spot where the ...

News Digest for Nov. 9
November 9th 2018 4:52AM

“It's an historical marker and was there 70 years,” said Campbell, who also is a member of the town budget committee and town festivities committee.

Cracked church bell's companion will ring out as a reminder of the joy that peace brought
November 9th 2018 2:32AM

Joyce Flemig, 77, said the congregation tried to raise money to remove the bell from the belfry and have it placed outside as a historical marker, but ...

Landmark Church: Laying The Groundwork For Women's Suffrage
November 8th 2018 10:07PM

“We installed a historical marker in front of this church, so now we know and for generations to come people will know how important it was what ...

Marking History
November 8th 2018 3:33PM

Wilhelmina Williams, president of the Blue Springs Historical Association, which spearheaded the effort to obtain the historical marker, was there along ...

Hospitality tax money will stick to budget, despite recommendation from committee
November 8th 2018 2:18PM

Councilman Walter Bailey also said he likes the historical marker program but that the town can't be “the end all be all,” for every nonprofit in town that ...

Dedication of Mangas Coloradas Historical Marker
November 8th 2018 5:14PM

Join the Fort Bayard Historic Preservation Society and members of the Apache tribe commemorating the site of the death of Apache leader Mangas ...

Two arrests made in Binghamton swastika graffiti incident
November 7th 2018 8:18PM

Profanity was also spray-painted on a historical marker in the school's front yard and graffiti was found on telephone poles and neighboring ...

This Kentucky county observes Veteran's Day by remembering the 400 who volunteered
November 7th 2018 7:02PM

An historical marker in Jackson says Breathitt was the only U.S. county that didn't need a draft in World War I. According to Bowling, some other ...

Historical marker to honor Maude Collins, Ohio's first female sheriff
November 7th 2018 1:29PM

The Vinton County Historical and Genealogical Society has received a $1000 grant from the Ohio Historical Society toward the creation of a Maude ...

DONNA HUNT: Denison's Forest Park gets historical marker
November 6th 2018 10:07PM

An important part of Denison that probably contains more historical events than any other location was recently the recipient of a Texas historical ...

State of the paper
November 6th 2018 8:36PM

Print journalism is a historical marker, as The Denisonian is one of the only tangible records of campus life. We hope to continue communicating ...

MassKara Fest in June?
November 6th 2018 7:07PM

... the fiercest and final battle ground of World War II in Negros, the Commission wanted to erect a historical marker there, aside from the War Museum.

MASSEY: Gold Under The Streets Of Greeneville?
November 5th 2018 12:12PM

A historical marker explains a robbery that took place during the Civil War and the Farmers & Merchants Bank in Mount Sterling, Ky. A historical marker ...

New historical marker honors Hoosier who became Ag secretary
November 6th 2018 12:47AM

DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) — Indiana's newest historical marker recognizes a farmer who rose to head a federal government agency that brought electricity ...

Cemetery ceremony recalls sacrifice of July Perry, lynched in 1920 for encouraging blacks to vote
November 5th 2018 6:11PM

... Jr. holiday festivities, has unanimously recommended the city rename its Central Park for July Perry and pushed for a permanent historical marker.

City adds permanent historical marker to Frederick Douglass' first home in Rochester
November 5th 2018 5:48PM

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) - 2018 marks 200 years since the recognized birth of Frederick Douglass, the famed abolitionist, writer, and statesman ...

Last-second victory perfect ending to REL 90th celebration
November 4th 2018 4:52AM

Gander pride was on full display during the Baytown Lee win over Vidor Friday night. As Gander fans enjoyed the back-and-forth game, alumni ...

November 3rd 2018 11:40AM

A special ceremony will be held at the Indiana County Courthouse as a historic marker will be put in place for an Indiana County athlete who became ...

Marker Honors Louisiana's First Black Female Physician
November 3rd 2018 7:52PM

NEW IBERIA, La. (AP) — Louisiana's first black female physician is being honored. Officials unveiled a historical marker in downtown New Iberia ...

Louisiana's first black female doctor being honored with marker
November 3rd 2018 4:18PM

The state's first black female doctor is being honored in New Iberia today. Dr. Emma Wakefield-Paillet is being recognized with a historical marker at ...

Skirmish at Kemp's Landing Virginia Historical Highway Marker to be Dedicated Nov. 10
November 3rd 2018 12:47AM

The Skirmish at Kemp's Landing marker will be the 16th state highway marker placed in Virginia Beach. Virginia's historical marker program is the ...

Obscene graffiti spray painted in Redford neighborhood, on schools
November 2nd 2018 9:55PM

The school discovered it Thursday morning on the side of the building and on the stone historical marker out front. School officials quickly worked to ...

Larry Waltman passes
November 2nd 2018 8:26PM

Waltman lived to see the unveiling of a Pennsylvania historical marker in August, and was able to attend the ceremony where he was also presented ...

Building Beauty Inside and Out
November 2nd 2018 1:07PM

The young women will act as hostesses at Saturday's unveiling of a historical marker at Bouligny Plaza. The Emma Wakefield Paillet MD dedication is ...

Gavin memorial moved in Mount Carmel
November 2nd 2018 9:00AM

A rededication service will be scheduled, and an historical marker, removed from the current site and refurbished by the Pennsylvania Historical and ...

Jean Delores Foss
November 2nd 2018 8:15AM

There was never a historical marker or a tombstone passed by and her family was expected to read every word (usually with a photo to remember it ...

Scottsboro Boys marker reflects courage
November 2nd 2018 6:20AM

Elected officials, historians and Judge James Horton's family members unveil a historical marker commemorating the Scottsboro Boys trial at the ...

MU printmakers hosting steamroller art project on campus on Sunday
November 2nd 2018 4:07AM

"The Greenbottom site is very close to here and I went there this weekend and the historical marker says nothing and we have this area of huge ...

Historical Marker
November 2nd 2018 3:00AM

The Jeremiah Morehouse House, renamed the White House, at 11 Hathorn Road in Warwick, was built in 1767 and represents one of the earliest ...

Urban Excellence Awards Celebrate Downtown Tampa's Growth, Innovation & Creativity
November 1st 2018 7:41PM

On Thursday, November 29th, the Tampa Downtown Partnership is hosting the Urban Excellence Awards at Armature Works from 6–9 p.m. The ...

Tallahassee Hidden History dedicates marker, hosts exhibit at Garden Club
November 1st 2018 7:00PM

The historical marker dedication ceremony will feature Dr. Lee H. Warner, author of “Free Men in an Age or Servitude,” and Patrick L. Mason, professor ...

5 ways you probably never knew the show 'Friends' influenced TV and the world
November 1st 2018 5:26PM

"But there really is a lot we can learn from it and it also stands as this huge historical marker from that era." Miller dedicates a whole chapter on what ...

Emmett Till's Death Could Easily Have Been Forgotten. Here's How It Became a Civil Rights ...
November 1st 2018 2:48PM

This year alone, Emmett Till was in the headlines again when someone shot up the historical marker where his body was dumped, then again when ...

For 70 years, Village Bakery has been a sweet part of people's lives
November 1st 2018 12:56PM

According to a historical marker, Bergfeld Center was the first suburban shopping center in Tyler. Until then, retailers were concentrated on and near ...

Harbor Beach rallies around forgotten historical marker
November 1st 2018 8:44AM

HARBOR BEACH – Residents are continuing gradual leaps at strengthening the allure of Harbor Beach, most recently with the city's historical marker, ...

The 1929 movie “Hallelujah” gives one glimpse into Memphis' past
October 31st 2018 9:53PM

Today a historical marker near the Arcade restaurant touts Memphis made movies and includes the achievements of Hallelujah. “From what I have ...

Wharton Library applies for historical marker
October 31st 2018 8:48PM

The Wharton County Commissioner's Court approved an application for a historical marker for the Wharton County Library System for 2019. The $100 ...

Lincoln Day in Toulon a success
October 31st 2018 8:37PM

Furry presided over the unveiling of the handsome historical marker on the courthouse lawn, which commemorates the visits by U.S. Sen. Stephen A.

Pageantry on the Deschutes
October 31st 2018 8:26PM

By the peak of the event's popularity in 1940, Bend's population exploded to over 18,000 people for July 4, according to the historical marker in ...

Undefeated Arlington hopes to surpass mark set by 1987 team. Star power leading the way
October 31st 2018 5:01PM

The Arlington High School football team is on track to surpass a historical marker set by the Colts team of 1987. Today's Colts are currently 8-0 and ...

'Goose Creek Ghosts and Ghouls' stories told by Mike Heitzler remind folks of gruesome, tragic ...
October 31st 2018 3:11PM

He's currently working on writing a book for every historical marker in Goose Creek. He started the talk by laying a historical foundation of the Goose ...

Indiana Historical Society names new president and CEO
October 31st 2018 2:48PM

... Kentucky History,” the institution's first mobile application which provides location and contextual data to the State's historical marker program.

Brown Homestead commemorated
October 31st 2018 1:18PM

Those driving a half-mile south past the Clark Ward Church off Highway 48 may have notice a historical marker nailed into a large Lombardi Poplar ...

Ghost Stories: Heitzler reminds folks of haunted lore
October 31st 2018 4:04AM

He's currently penning a book for every historical marker in Goose Creek. Heitzler started his talk by laying a historical foundation of the Goose Creek ...

Abiquiu Historical Marker
October 31st 2018 3:31AM

Abiquiu Historical Marker is a park and is nearby to Abiquiu and El Curuco. Abiquiu Historical Marker from Mapcarta, the free map.

Back in Time--Weekend ceremonies in Toulon, Kewanee mark calendar reset for Lincoln's 1858 visit
October 31st 2018 1:30AM

... celebration, Larry Lock, president of the Kewanee Historical Society, held a brief unveiling and dedication of the new historical marker in Kewanee.

Bearing records, four UNT students give historical rendering of racial violence in Pilot Point
October 30th 2018 11:26PM

She said Denton County will thereafter create its own historical marker. And after that, Riddle said, officials will apply for a historical marker for the St.

Spenger's Fresh Fish Grotto, Berkeley's oldest restaurant, permanently closes after 128 years
October 30th 2018 5:37AM

Johann Spenger, a Bavarian immigrant and fisherman, first opened the restaurant in 1890 as a clam stand, according to the Historical Marker ...

Tales of haunted Bossier
October 30th 2018 8:48PM

The house is located on Sligo Road in Haughton and marked by a Louisiana Historical marker. It reads “This house was built in stages between 1832 ...

13th annual Valatie Veterans 5K Run
October 30th 2018 6:00PM

... Earl of Valatie Troop 2114 as his Eagle Scout Project to raise funds to purchase an historical marker at Glynn Square and to honor our Veterans.

Wickard state historical marker will be dedicated in Delphi
October 30th 2018 5:37PM

DELPHI — A public dedication ceremony for an Indiana state historical marker commemorating agricultural leader Claude Wickard is scheduled for ...

This Time Of Year Is A Grave Affair
October 30th 2018 1:07PM

According to the historical marker at the circa-1889 Talbert-Pierson Cemetery, “the origins of grave houses are uncertain — some tracing the ...