The Parade of Ships

The Parade of Ships (HMWZ3)

Location: Victoria, BC 55066 Capital
Country: Canada

N 48° 25.309', W 123° 22.132'

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These plaques commemorate famous vessels in the history of Victoria and pay tribute to pioneers they brought to this new land, the men and women who fought the good fight and built Victoria and British Columbia.
This key plaque presented by Horace J. Sims
Victoria's Centennial Year, 1968

[Northern Group, presented left to right]
James K. Nesbit, 1908-1981Newspaperman - Historian, Native son of Victoria, Originator of the "Parade of Ships"
In grateful remembrance by Mayor, Council and Citizens of Victoria, B.C.
Duchess of BedfordBritish-American Arctic Expedition 1906, E. Mikklesen, E. Leffingwell, In search of Keeenan Land
Presented by the Royal Geographical Society (B.C. Group).
Karluk, 1913Capt. Robert Bartlett, with Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Commander, Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18
Presented by the Royal Geographical Society (B.C. Group).
H.M. Gun Vessel ?Sparrowhawk'on this station 1865-1868 with Captain Edwin Augustus Porcher R.N."
Presented by Alfred George Porcher.
Woodside, 1888 with Mrs. Mary Ann MacFarlane
Presented by her son, Albert Waring, Richmond, Cal., 1962.
Otter, 1855With Captain Harry Glide, first licensed pilot, 1858.
Presented by B.C. Coast Pilots, 1962.
Sierra Nevada, 1862With Charles Hayward, Mayor of Victoria, 1900-1902
Presented by the Hayward family, 1962.
Somas, 1862with Thomas Parker, Pioneer of Rocky Point
Presented by his daughter, Mrs. John Wallace, and family, 1962.
Beaver, 1845with James Douglas, to found Fort Victoria
Presented by Kiwanis, S.S. Beaver Club, 1962.
Brother Jonathan, 1864With Joseph Despard Pembeton, (who had first arrived by chance in 1851) and his bride.
Presented by their descendants, 1962.
H.M.S. Driver, 1850with Richard Blanshard, Governor of Vancouver Island.
Presented by B.C. Government Employees Association, 1962.
Cadboro, 1842with James Douglas to survey for Fort Victoria
Presented by Victoria Section, B.C. Historical Association, 1962.
Labouchere, 1859with Capt. Henry Wootton.
Presented by his descendants, 1962.
Marquis of Bute, 1855with Rev. and Mrs. Edward Cridge
Presented by their grandchildren, 1962.
The U.S. Ship Panamaout of San Francisco, on November 16, 1858 broughtMatthew Baillie Bigbie to Victoria as judge of the Crown Colony of British Columbia.
Presented by: The David R. Williams Family of Duncan, B.C."
Pacific, 1859with the first four Methodist Missionaries.
Metropolitan United Church, 1962.
Tynemouth, 1862with Minnie Gillan (Mrs. John Cox, 1865)
Presented by her descendants, 1962
Thames City, 1859with Mr. Willian Haynes, bandmaster of the Royal Engineers, and Mrs. Haynes.
Presented by: Their grandson, Stanley A. Haynes, 1962.
Cyclone, 1862with Edward White, Dr. and Mrs. John Nicholles, and son John.
Presented by their descendants, 1962.
R.P. Rithet, 1882Named for R.P. Rithet, Mayor of Victoria, 1885.
Presented by his grandchildren, 1962.
Tory, 1851with William John MacDonald, mayor of Victoria, 1867. Senator of Canada.
Presented by Victoria Canadian Clubs, 1962.
Princess Marguerite, 1939with King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
Presented by Canadian Pacific Railway Company, 1962.
Silistria, 1862with William Wilson
Presented by his grandson, Richard B. Wilson, March, 1962.
Pacific Grace138' gaff schooner commissioned in 2001, built in Victoria, BC. The Pacific Grace provides character building through sail training programs for young people along the BC coast and on offshore voyages around the world.
Presented by the Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS) in 2008.
City of Quebec, 1881with Victor Jacobson, master of the sealing schooner Eva Marie.
Presented by his daughter Eva Marie Sweeney, 1962.
H.M.C.S. Rainbow First ship - Pacific Command arrived on station 7 November 1910.
Presented by the Royal Canadian Navy, 1962.
Seabird, 1858 with the first four Sisters of St. Ann.
Presented by Victoria Council, Knights of Columbus, 1962.
U.S.S. Phelps, 1937 with the President of the United States and Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Presented by Victoria Kiwanis Club, 1962.
Norman Morison, 1850 With Dr. John Sebastian Helmchken and George Richardson.
Presented by their descendants, 1962.
Commadore, 1858 with California gold miners for Fraser's River.
Presented by B.C. (1958) Centennial Committee, 1962.
Tilikum, 1901 Captain J.C. Voss from Victoria, by Indian war canoe, sailed with one crew across the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans.
Presented by Royal Victoria Yacht Club, 1962.
H.M.S Warspite, 1890 with O. Meredith Jones, surgeon Royal Navy
Presented by his family, 1962
Thermopylae, 1868-1907 Famous tea clipper, only full rigged ship ever registered in Victoria when she traded between here and Rangoon, 1890-1895.
Donated by Thermopylae Club, 1962.
Robert Lowe, 1865 With Noah Shakespeare, Mayor of Victoria, 1882.
Presented by Victoria Centennial Society, 1962.
Harpooner, 1849 with John Flett
Presented by his grandchildren - 1968.
James Charles Prevost, Admiral, R.N. who sailed these waters in H.M.S. Portland, 1851; H.M.S. Virago, 1853-54; H.M.S. Satellite, 1857-60.
Placed by Gerald Prevost, his great-grandson.
Robert A. Laing Arrived Victoria 1850, became owner and manager of the first area shipyard, located at Major Bay, Victoria. Father to Captain Andrew D. Laing, owner of the sealing vessel W. P. Sayward, sailing out of Victoria.
Presented by Walter H. Laing, great grandson, 1995

[Southern group, presented left to right]
In commemoration of the arrival in 1858 of the first group of black settlers to the colony of Vancouver Island
This plaque is erected by the council of the City of Victoria.
Side Wheeler Isabel Built in Victoria (1866) for Captain Edward Stamp, a prime industrialist of B.C. and a British Master Mariner.
Placed by his descendant Captain Gordon Mesley
What is a harbour without tugboatsRemembering Capt. W.E. "Will" Gardner (1870-1947), Gardner Tugs and Scows (1904-1924), Fern Dorothy, Tussler Edna-Grace, Respond Crofton
Sponsored by his son George M. Gardner, Seattle, Washington
John Guzzwell Single handed circumnavigator yacht "Trekka", 20'6" L.O.A. Left Victoria July 10, 1955, returned September 12, 1959.
Presented by the Thermopylae Club, Victoria
Remembering George McGregor (1863-1947) Founder of Victoria Tug Company, Ltd. (1912-1959), owner and operator of tugs: Sadie, Spray, George McGregor, Sirmac, DesBrisay, Swell & Strath.A staunch supporter of Victoria Harbour Assn.
Donated by his son, Dr. F.R. McGregor.
William Harley Blagborne Master Mariner. Salvage Vessels: Sudbury and Sudbury II, 1955 to 1964.
Donated by: The Thermopylae Club & Seaspan International Ltd.
Mount Royal Rice Milling & Manufacturing Co. Owners of the ship Thermopylae, employed in the rice trade through their Rice Mill in Victoria, 1885-1922.
Placed by Robert Reford Inc., Monteral, P.Q.
Norman James Turner, 1899-1980 Born at Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, Marine Surveyor, Salvage Master and Engineer of international repute.
Presented by Constance Turner & the Thermonpylae Club
In commemoration of the visit of the training ship of the Navy of Spain,Juan Sebastian de Elcano - April, 1991 En conmemoraci?n de la visita del buque-escuela de la Armada Espa?ola
Juan Sebastian de Elcano - April, 1991
Capt. Fred MacFarlane 1887-1965 For over 50 years he accomplished many historic tows & daring rescues. Ships included Salvage Queen, Salvage King & the Snohomish
Presented by his family, 1994.
Alan Norman Armour, (1917-1986) Whaler, Master Mariner, humanitarian. Sailed worldwide on City of Alberni and Daylight during World War II. "If there's another world, he lives in bliss, if there is none, he made the best of this"
Donated by the Brisco Family
In commemoration of the centennial of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, formed 8th July 1892.The first clubhouse, a floating structure, was located in the Inner Harbour.
Presented by R.V.Y.C. Ladies Association.
Yacht Belvedere John Bockstoce, Expedition Leader; Sven Johansson, Captain. Departed for North West Passage 1983, arriving Greenland 1988, New York, 1989.
Tablet placed by the crews.
Ketch Wanderer IV - 1978Eric and Susan Hiscock: World ocean wanderers
Presented by Tom Denny
Ketch Williwaw - 1978 Via the Northwest Passage 1977
Presented by Blayney Scott
Schooner Pato - 1877 Captain Joshua Slocum, later of Spray fame.
Presented by the Slocum Society and Sven Johansson.
Veteran Tugboat Captains of Victoria Captain Donald MacPherson and his two sons, Donald B. (Dode) and Andrew (Mickey). For over fifty years, 1895-1948, they brought in thousands of tons of coal from up island mines to heat the homes and buildings of Victoria.
Presented by Irene A. MacPherson.
Yacht Tzu Hang - Beryl and Miles Smeeton. 1951 from England by Panama, 1955 Panama by Japan, 1968 England by Cape Horn.
Presented by the Thermopylae Club, Victoria.
To Commemorate the Barquentine S. F. Tolmite The last tall ship designed and built in Victoria, 1920. L.O.A. 236', beam 45'4". Also honouring her designer and builder, Chris Cholberg, 1884-1952.
Placed by Captain Irwin Cholberg, his son.
Harold Barrington Elworthy, 1901-1975Native son of Victoria, founder of Island Tug and Barge, pioneering local, coastwise and deep sea towing and salvage, philanthropist and leader in civic and maritime affairs.
Sponsored by: Princess Mary Restaurant Ltd.
Norman A. Yarrow 1891 - 1955 Shipbuilder
J. A. (Jack) DaleyRenowned deep sea diver from 1942 to 1977, Victoria, B.C.
Placed by his sister Kathleen
Captain George Heater and Captain William Heater, brothers, sailed out of Victoria for many years in the sealing and whaling trades.
Sponsored by the Heater family.
C.G.S. EstevanCaptain Harry A. Ormiston, Dec. 1, 1889 - Dec. 18, 1971
Placed in his memory by his children, 1994.
Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra Explorer of the west coast of North America, commander of the Limits Expedition to Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island, 1792. Born Lima, Peru, May 24, 1744, died Mexico City, March 26, 1794.
To commemorate the presentation to the City of Victoria, the key to the City of Lima, Peru. September, 1995
The Maritime Museum of British Columbia.
Capt. Stanley Frasier Sr., 1892-1951Contributed over 50 years of service on various vessels including skipper of "Nidge" & "Protective", carrying crews & supplies to Jordan River damsite, "Hercules" constructing Victoria breakwater and freight boat owner/skipper of "Squid" hauling dynamite from James Island explosive plant.
Placed by the Fraser family 1995.
William D. Bryers, Master Mariner, 1863-1944Sailed from Victoria for many years in the fur sealing trade.
Remembered by his son, Raymond H. Byers, 1997.
Capt. Ellice Martin Cavin, 1889-1975Born in Victoria, between 1912 and 1959 was master of tugboats Pilot, Hope, Olive M., Dola, Robert Preston, Glenboro, Island Rover, Island Ranger, Island Commander and Island Champion. Navigator for Marilyn Bell's swim from Pt. Angeles to Victoria in 1956.
Presented by his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren - 1998.
Captain Cereno Jones Kelly Born 1845, Nova Scotia - Died 1918, Victoria, buried in Ross Bay Cemetery. A lifetime mariner on boat coasts of Canada, he sailed the C. H. Tupper from Nova Scotia around Cape Horn in 1893. He then captained the schooners San Jose and Florence M. Smith in the fur sealing trade out of Victoria.
Placed by his descendents, April 2000
C.S.S. Wm. J. StewartThe flagship of the Canadian Hydrographic Service was based in Victoria Harbour from 1932 to 1975.This plaque is dedicated to those who have served on the "Willie J" and to all who continue to chart the British Columbia coast.
Donated by the Canadian Hydrographic Association.
Captain J. J. Moore Born on the Isle of Man. At age 13 he began life at sea; from Naval Reserve in the Boar War to Officer on the Victoria based tug William Jolitte, then Master of the Lillooet. From 1932-1945 served as the first Master of the new Hydrographic Survey vessel William J. Stewart. He named Maude Island for his wife of 64 years, Annie Maude Cort. He died November 1966 in his 100th year.
Dedicated by his son Frank and family - Dec. 2000.
William Turpel, 1843-1926Founder of Turpel Marine Railway
Presented by grandson Harry Turpel.
Tony Gooch -Yacht Taonui Non-stop solo circumnavigation of the world, sailing from Victoria to Victoria, South of the great capes: Cape Horn, Cape Agulhas, Cape Leeuwin. 177 days. 24,736 miles. September 29, 2002 - March 24, 2003.
Placed by his wife Coryn and shipmates from the Thermopylae Club.
HM NumberHMWZ3
Year Placed1968
Placed ByHorace J. Sims
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UTM (WGS84 Datum)10U E 472709 N 5363250
Decimal Degrees48.42181667, -123.36886667
Degrees and Decimal MinutesN 48° 25.309', W 123° 22.132'
Degrees, Minutes and Seconds48° 25' 18.54" N, 123° 22' 7.92" W
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Area Code(s)651, 507, 612
Closest Postal AddressAt or near 993 Inner-Harbour Pathway, Victoria BC 55066, CA
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