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Overlea Waiting Station

Baltimore, MD

Amarillo Globe Dream House

Amarillo, TX

Dr. J. E. Wright

Savanna, OK

Marker of the Week
General Santos Degollado

Morelia, Michoacán

. . Gral. Santos Degollado . Gobernador de Michoacan: 1857 - 1858 . Se levanto en armas en contra de la dictadura santannista. Diputado al Congreso Constituyente: 1856-1857 Murio combatiendo por la Constitucion y las Leyes de Reforma . . … more »

Marker of the Day
Mt. Lebanon Cemetery

Cameron, SC

This is the original site of Mt. Lebanon Lutheran Church, organized January 13, 1844, as an extension of the St. Matthews Church, Creston. Later, Mt. Lebanon Church moved to Cameron about 2 miles NW, dedicated its new building in 1917, and… more »

Marker of the Moment
North Branford Vietnam Monument

North-Branford, CT

In Honor Of The Men And WomenWho Served Our Countyr InThe Vietnam ConflictJuly, 1958 - April, 1975Dedicated May 1996… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Historical marker to be placed in Grassland in memory of fallen officer Sam Locke
May 22nd 2019 4:52AM

PHOTO: A monument marks where Samuel Claybrook Locke is buried in Leiper's Fork. Photo by John McBryde. By JOHN McBRYDE. As someone ...

Sam Rice - IN Historical Marker
May 22nd 2019 4:04AM

Scott Lucas House invites you to the dedication of the. Sam Rice - IN Historical Marker. Saturday, May 25, 2019 –11:00 a.m.. FREE. Baseball. Food.

Kilgore Colored High School, CB Dansby High School will receive official Texas Historical Marker ...
May 22nd 2019 3:00AM

C. B. Dansby High School (KCHS-CBDHS) as a significant part of Texas history by awarding it an Official Texas Historical Marker. The designation ...

Abraham Depp is name chosen for Dublin's 14th elementary school
May 21st 2019 8:26PM

Located near the Jerome Village housing development, a historical marker for the Abraham Depp Freedom Station is nearby. Depp was born a slave ...

Hood's Mill
May 21st 2019 6:24PM

Near here the Confederate cavalry of Major General J. E. B. Stuart entered Carroll County from Cooksville about daybreak June 29, 1863. (A historical ...