Middletown World War II Monument

Middletown, CT

Old Waterworks

Bethlehem, PA

Harry Gilmor's Raid


Marker of the Week
Bullard Company #2

Scranton, PA

This oil-burning steam engine was designed to be operated by a single engineer-fireman and was among the smallest standard-gauge locomotives ever built. Locomotive #2 operated up and down the railroad sidings and loading tracks outside t… more »

Marker of the Day
Milton S. Hershey

Hershey, PA

Milton S. Hershey founded the world famous Hersheys Chocolate Company in 1903 and built a town around it for his employees, complete with homes, schools, and cultural and recreational opportunities. In 1907, Milton S.Hershey founded HERSH… more »

Marker of the Moment
Confederate Memorial

Arlington, VA

Panel 1: "Not for fame or reward, not for place or for rank; not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity; but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it; these men suffered all, sacrificed all, dared all, and died." Panel 2: To … more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Activist receives historical marker for Italy Colored City Hall; solicits donations for restoration
February 22nd 2019 12:11AM

Activist receives historical marker for Italy Colored City Hall; solicits .... Elmerine Allen Bell was most recently granted a historical marker from the ...

City of Fulshear to demolish Switch House, salvage materials
February 21st 2019 8:48PM

... committee meeting]is that there were so many modifications made to this house already that it would be virtually impossible to get a historical marker ...

Sumter Today: A historical marker is unveiled at Shaw Air Force Base
February 21st 2019 8:26PM

A historical marker was unveiled at Shaw Air Force Base to honor Col. James E. Randall and the 13 other Shaw airmen who filed a lawsuit in the ...

108-year-old bridge in Deer Park to get $471000 in repairs
February 21st 2019 7:52PM

The bridge has a historical marker from the Texas Historical Commission. Over the past decade, city officials estimate that more than $270,000 has ...

Another piece of Outer Banks history being claimed by rising seas. Can it be saved?
February 21st 2019 7:40PM

One of the most historic roads in North Carolina is slowly disappearing into a bay off the Outer Banks, but environmentalists believe they have found a ...