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Lynchburg Town Ferry

Baytown, TX

War in the Chesapeake

Elkton, MD

British Embarkation

Highlands, NJ

Marker of the Week
Montfort Stokes

Wilkesboro, NC

Governor, 1830-1832; U.S. Senator; Federal Indian Commissioner. Home stood 1 mi. N.… more »

Marker of the Day
Hershberger & Rosenthal Co. Bldg. Historical

Kansas-City, MO

National Register of Historic Places Wholesale District Historic Garment District … more »

Marker of the Moment
Edward Hatch

Leavenworth, KS

Colonel 9th CavalryBrevet Major General, U.S.A.Born in Bangor, Me.Dec. 22, 1832Died at Fort Robinson, Neb.April 11, 1889 [Battles]Brill's Point · Charleston · SykestonNew Madrid · Point Pleasant · Island No. 1… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Cook County Board of Commissioners met March 21
March 25th 2019 4:07AM

WHEREAS, the partners do hereby commit to work in partnership with EJI of Montgomery, Alabama, to secure and install a historical marker, through ...

Dr. Dorothy Height, 'Godmother of the civil rights movement,' honored in Richmond
March 25th 2019 2:48AM

Although her time in Richmond was brief, city and state officials unveiled a permanent historical marker in front of the Hull Street library to celebrate the ...

Richmond-born civil rights leader Dorothy Height honored with historical marker in Blackwell
March 24th 2019 11:37PM

Dorothy Height, the Richmond-born woman whom President Barack Obama called “the godmother of the civil rights movement,” was honored Sunday ...

Today in Athens History
March 24th 2019 9:00AM

Pictured in this Messenger file photo is an up-close view of the Ohio Historical Marker unveiled at the Athens Armory in 2018. Seventy-five years ago ...

Baptist colony migrated to New Town Township
March 24th 2019 3:56AM

In May 2005, a county historical marker designating the site of the former First Baptist Church of Newton was installed in front of the churchyard on ...