Covington/Second Creek / Wheeler Dam/Lake

Rogersville, AL

George Washington Stopped Here

Morgantown, WV

Nicholson's Manor

Reisterstown, MD

Marker of the Week
A Tradition of Basketmaking

Tahoe-City, CA

Basketmaking is a tradition of the Washoe people of the Breat Basin that dates back thousands of years. Different types of baskets were made for holding water and cooking, winnowing seeds and nuts, collecting and storing food, catching fish… more »

Marker of the Day
First School House

Taylors-Island, MD

This building was the first school hosue in Dorchester County and was built and used on Taylors Island. Given to Grace Foundation by the Mulberry Grove Spicers. Restored by Grace Foundation 1959.… more »

Marker of the Moment
Beliefs Set in Stone

Pickens, SC

To a giant, Table Rock could be exactly what its name suggests — a 3,124'-high table made of granite. To eat at this table, the giant would need a seat — Stool Mountain at 2,600' served this purpose. This is how the Cherokee … more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Hon. Lieut. Spencer Clack
June 15th 2019 7:55PM

A historical marker located in Sevierville in Sevier County, Tennessee.)

People in Huntsville celebrate Juneteenth
June 15th 2019 7:07PM

You can learn more about Huntsville's black history tomorrow at the unveiling of a historical marker at 2:00 PM on the corner of Holmes Avenue and ...

Historical marker dedicated to hospital in Greensboro that treated polio patients
June 15th 2019 5:26PM

A former polio hospital that became a jail for civil rights protesters will be recognized with a North Carolina historical marker. A dedication program for ...

Before she became a Tejano queen, Lydia Mendoza played humble venues
June 15th 2019 5:03PM

Third of three columns. Warning: If you keep reading, you're probably going to get “Mal Hombre” stuck in your head — not that it's a bad thing.

Historical Marker
June 15th 2019 4:41PM

Historical Marker. How do we get back inside to Clara's from the Patio? I really enjoyed the history tour! But now I am really hungry! Is there a food tour ...