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Robert Johnson

Greenwood, MS

Roadside Park Veterans Memorial

Hastings, MN

Dr. James Naismith

Lawrence, KS

Marker of the Week
Bullard Company #2

Scranton, PA

This oil-burning steam engine was designed to be operated by a single engineer-fireman and was among the smallest standard-gauge locomotives ever built. Locomotive #2 operated up and down the railroad sidings and loading tracks outside t… more »

Marker of the Day

Huntington, TX

The boom town of Ewing stood for two decades on the west bank of the Angelina River. Named for plantation owner James A. Ewing, the town was located near a rail line and virgin hardwood forests. In 1919 H.G. Bohissen purchased a 100-acre tr… more »

Marker of the Moment
E. Franck & Co.

French-Gulch, CA

Established 1854 by brothers Fredrick Anton and Ignatz Franck offering mining supplies and general merchandise. Built in 1867, this native stone and mortar building, replaced the original wooden structure consumed by fire in 1856.… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Small town's big idea: a new Civil War memorial?
February 19th 2019 4:30AM

... statues and markers in America dedicated to this war, the most commemorated war in our land, according to the Historical Marker Database.

Anonymous news release details 'We profit off slavery' vandalism at Tuckahoe Plantation
February 19th 2019 1:05AM

The historical marker for the property was painted black and had the same message written in red. An anonymous news release says the the message ...

Oswald killed Kennedy, but that's not what official marker says
February 18th 2019 10:18PM

DALLAS — When people move to North Texas, in my experience, one thing that tends to fascinate them is the assassination of President John F.

Decades of untapped documents
February 18th 2019 9:29PM

I worked on a historical marker project, we will eventually have a historical marker here at IUS for who was believed to be our first student, Lyda ...

Historical Marker Dedication
February 18th 2019 10:34AM

Preserving the legacy of African-Americans who settled along the White Bluff/Coffee Bluff Public Waterways. Crusader Center, 81 Coffee Bluff Villa ...