General LaFayette

Frederick, MD

Benjamin Smith Barton

Philadelphia, PA

Frontier Justice

Dixon, KY

Marker of the Week
The "sleeping giant" view of Mount Katahdin

Weston, ME

The "sleeping giant" view of Mount Katahdin. For many Wabanaki people, Mount Ktaadn (Ktotonuk) is a profoundly spiritual place. From around the campfire, you might hear tales of Pamola and Glooskap. Some folks imagine that Katahdins rid… more »

Marker of the Day
A.A.F. / U.S.A.F. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Memorial, a War Memorial

Hurlburt-Field, FL

This 2,000 pound, A/N M-34, General Purpose Bomb is dedicated to the memory of all A.A.F. Bomb Disposal/U.S.A.F. Explosive Ordnance Disposal men who gave their lives supporting Special Operations missions during World War II, the … more »

Marker of the Moment
Ferenc Rákóczi

Wien, Wien

[Marker text in Hungarian:] Ennek az épületnek á helyén allt a XVII. század végén az Aspremont-palota. Ilt szállt meg gyakori bécsi tartózkudásai idején az 1690-es években … more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
PHOTOS: Ruins of Brunswick Town
July 18th 2019 10:07AM

The state historical marker to Brunswick Town is one of seven to recognize the historical significance of the region's first settlement, all of which are ...

RC Hickman historical marker dedicated
July 18th 2019 9:05AM

R.C. Hickman historical marker dedicated. en Foster, the nephew of photographer R.C. Hickman, reads from the historical marker on Saturday in ...

Fort Necessity
July 18th 2019 5:08AM

A historical marker located in Williamstown in Hancock County, Ohio.)

Guerrilla Quantrill
July 18th 2019 4:44AM

Surrounded in Wakefield's barn by Captain Terrill's 30 Kentuckians. (A historical marker located in Wakefield in Spencer County, Kentucky.)

Lincoln Institute Campus
July 18th 2019 4:17AM

This occurred after Day Law (1904) stopped coeducation of whites and blacks. (A historical marker located in Simpsonville in Shelby County, Kentucky ...