Tracy Mansion

Harrisburg, PA

The Millstones

San Marino, CA

Battery Arnold

Pennsville Township, NJ

Marker of the Week
A Tradition of Basketmaking

Tahoe-City, CA

Basketmaking is a tradition of the Washoe people of the Breat Basin that dates back thousands of years. Different types of baskets were made for holding water and cooking, winnowing seeds and nuts, collecting and storing food, catching fish… more »

Marker of the Day
The Great Fire of 1910

Wallace, ID

In August 1910, this area was ravaged by one of a series of huge forest fires which swept the inland empire at that time. Small fires had been burning for days in timber parched by a record drought. Despite the efforts of hundreds of fire… more »

Marker of the Moment
Bloody Angle, Crowded Ravine

Spotsylvania, VA

Fighting at the Muleshoe Salient focused on a slight turn in the Confederate earthworks, to your right-front, known as the "Bloody Angle." The Angle occupied a small knoll that commanded adjacent parts of the Confederate line. Whoever contr… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Polio hospital that became a jail to get historical marker
June 15th 2019 12:19PM

A former polio hospital that became a jail for civil rights protesters will be recognized with a North Carolina historical marker. A dedication program for.

Polio hospital that became a jail to get historical marker
June 15th 2019 12:00PM

A dedication program for the N.C. Highway Historical Marker will be held Saturday in Greensboro with the marker placed later at a nearby intersection.

Country's oldest veterinary practice started in Detroit in 1844
June 15th 2019 9:56AM

... popcorn, other animal organizations and the placement of a historical marker above the window on the two-story building's brick front entrance.

A Wendish cemetery receives historical marker
June 15th 2019 9:00AM

The Historical St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery is the site for a State Historical Marker to be dedicated Sunday. The cemetery is the only documented ...

Bonnie and Clyde historical marker
June 15th 2019 7:28AM

This marker is at the actual site of the ambush set up by law enforcement to end the criminal careers of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.