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Marshall, VA

Electric Building

Lockport, NY

Whitall House

National Park, NJ

Marker of the Week
The "sleeping giant" view of Mount Katahdin

Weston, ME

The "sleeping giant" view of Mount Katahdin. For many Wabanaki people, Mount Ktaadn (Ktotonuk) is a profoundly spiritual place. From around the campfire, you might hear tales of Pamola and Glooskap. Some folks imagine that Katahdins rid… more »

Marker of the Day
Hovie Alexander Nealy

Pickens, SC

Pickens Police Chief 40 Years Faithful to the Community He Loved … more »

Marker of the Moment
The "Hall of the Double Axes" and the "Queen's Megaron"


English Text: Archaeological information concerning political organization during the Minoan period is very limited. Nevertheless, the mythological tradition concerning King Minos and Evan's notions concerning the institution of kingship… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
John Addoms
July 17th 2019 4:02PM

Home of John Addoms. Built 1790. (A historical marker located near Plattsburgh in Clinton County, New York.)

No Blues Marker for Lynyrd Skynyrd
July 17th 2019 9:10AM

They recommended a historical marker but said the Blues Trail is not the right way to commemorate the crash because Skynyrd is not a 'blues' band.

New historical dairy marker dedicated in Beaver Dam
July 17th 2019 7:18AM

The town of Beaver Dam kicked off Independence Day by dedicating a piece of the town's history. On July 4, members of the Bear River Company ...

William F. Roe
July 17th 2019 4:48AM

A historical marker located in Kilkenny in County Kilkenny, Leinster, Ireland.)

Intersecting Lines
July 17th 2019 3:55AM

In 1871, Willard Clark Wixom founded the village on property at the intersection of planned railroad lines. (A historical marker located in Wixom in ...