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Frederick's Poet Lawyer

Frederick, MD

Pennsylvania State Forest Academy

Mont Alto, PA

Garrison Life Was Like Clockwork

Fairfax, MN

Marker of the Week
Francis Turbine

Richmond, VA

This Francis Type Turbine was used on the Tredegar site in the early twentieth century and is very similar to one of the five turbines located near the building to your left. It was built by the S. Morgan Smith Company of York, Pennsylvania… more »

Marker of the Day
Flamingo Park Historic District Historical

West-Palm-Beach, FL

There are 501 contributing structures within the Flamingo Park subdivision, which was officially platted on May 17, 1921, with more than 76 building permits issued in 1923. Built on the highest of all coastal ridges between downtown West Pa… more »

Marker of the Moment
Number 1 Gun

Webb-City, MO

I represent all the 105-Millimeter Howitzersthat between 1941 and 1945 bombarded theenemy and defended U.S. forces inNorth Africa, Italy, France, Germany,and on the Pacific Islands;I also commemorate the thousands ofmen and women who served… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Celebrating Black History Month
February 15th 2019 8:37PM

Philadelphia's Historical Marker Tour Philadelphia is rich with the history of African Americans who have helped make this city what it is today. Back in ...

Reston Then and Now: The Old Farmhouse at Hunter Mill Crossroads
February 15th 2019 8:26PM

According to a historical marker at the site, Confederate Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton's cavalry brigade passed through the site in 1862 en route to ...

Penicillin mass produced in West Chester
February 15th 2019 6:11PM

What's in a name? People regularly ask me if I'm related to G. Raymond Rettew. Yes, I say, but it's a distant relationship. Typically, the person asking ...

“Completing the Story” for Alabama's Bicentennial
February 15th 2019 4:30PM

Huntsville, Ala. - Alabama is in full swing of celebrating its 200th birthday as events roll out all over the state. This includes the local area as the ...

WKU reinstalls Confederate marker
February 15th 2019 2:20PM

About six months after it was taken down, a historical marker that notes Bowling Green was the former state capital of the Confederacy has been ...