Center Street Site

Bloomington, IL

John Williams, Howell Hoggett, William Atkinson, Daniel Hornsby

Austin, TX

Fred Morgan Kirby

Wilkes Barre, PA

Marker of the Week
Bullard Company #2

Scranton, PA

This oil-burning steam engine was designed to be operated by a single engineer-fireman and was among the smallest standard-gauge locomotives ever built. Locomotive #2 operated up and down the railroad sidings and loading tracks outside t… more »

Marker of the Day
Filed Quarter Trail

Nashville, TN

This path leads to the Field Quarter, an area that was once home to at least eighty enslaved African-Americans. A series of illustrated signs near expose building foundations at the site help you to "see" what life was like for this part of… more »

Marker of the Moment
Shirley Place

Northport, AL

James Shirley built this raised cottage in 1838, using Federal and Greek Revival detailing. Constructed of local handmade brick, it was home for him, his wife, Mary Ann Christian Shirley, and his mother, Elizabeth Shirley. James was town su… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Tensions rise as county commission discusses Jackson lynching marker and plaque
February 19th 2019 7:41PM

An attendee reads information about the historical marker for lynchings during a Madison County Commission meeting at West TN AgResearch ...

3 women wanted for painting 'We profit off slavery' at Tuckahoe Plantation
February 19th 2019 6:11PM

The suspects painted the message “we profit from slavery” on a pillar next to the driveway and on a Virginia Historical Marker. The message in “red ...

Goochland Hunts Plantation Vandals
February 19th 2019 6:00PM

Goochland County, VA _ The Goochland County Sheriff's Department is asking for help in finding the persons responsible for the vandalism at ...

Sheriff's office searching for Tuckahoe Plantation vandals
February 19th 2019 5:59PM

“The message 'we profit from slavery' was painted on a pillar next to the driveway and on a Virginia Historical Marker,” the Goochland Sheriff's Office ...

Jackson, Michigan Was Once Known as Jacksonopolis Then Jacksonburg
February 19th 2019 4:07PM

If you're looking for a lasting memory of Jacksonburg, a historical marker to the Jackonsburg Public Square is downtown while in rural St Joseph ...