Colonial Beach Roll of Honor

Colonial Beach, VA

Ferry Site

Hopewell Township, NJ

Officers' Quarters—B

Fairfax, MN

Marker of the Week
Register, Georgia

Register, GA

Side 1: Register, Georgia, a small turpentine community with a largely agricultural heritage, grew into fruition at the turn of the twentieth century. Originally settled in 1855, the town was earlier known as Bengal, then Herschal. The… more »

Marker of the Day

Trenton, SC

(Side 1) This Greek Revival House was built for Nathan L. Griffin (1903-1853), lawyer, planter, and member of the S.C. House 1838-39 and S.C. Senate 1846-1853. Griffins son-in-law Milledge L. Bonham ( 1813-1890) lived here with his wife… more »

Marker of the Moment
Hoover Historical Center

North-Canton, OH

This house, built in 1853, was the boyhood of vacuum cleaner entrepreneur William Henry "Boss" Hoover (1849-1932), whose grandparents came to Stark County from Pennsylvania in 1827 and established a leather tanning business. "Boss" Hoover b… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Camden Historical Marker Acknowledges City's Role in Colonial Slave Trade
June 19th 2019 10:07PM

Before it was the namesake of the city's redevelopment corporation, Cooper's Ferry was a service that transported people across the Delaware River, ...

Historical marker commemorates KMA Oilfield
June 19th 2019 9:45PM

The Wichita County Historical Marker Commission generally does a number of markers that recognize important people, places and events, and ...

Historical marker celebrates community's 100 years of oil discovery
June 19th 2019 8:48PM

Jeff Crenshaw and Barry Phillips unveiled the KMA Oilfield historical marker during a ceremony held Wednesday afternoon at the Kamay volunteer fire ...

'Father of Baseball,' Abner Doubleday, turns 200 years old
June 19th 2019 7:52PM

In downtown Ballston Spa there is a small, yellow house with a blue historical marker out front. It says Doubleday was born there in the year 1819.

June 19th 2019 7:07PM

Before the coming of the rails, stagecoaches were a major form of passenger transportation to and from Denver. (A historical marker located in Denver ...