General Store

Volcano, CA

London Coffee House

Philadelphia, PA

The Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration

Belle Plaine, MN

Marker of the Week
Painted Desert Inn

Petrified-Forest-National-Park, AZ

Painted Desert Inn Has been designated a National Historical Landmark This site possesses National Significance in Commemorating the History of the United States of America 1987 … more »

Marker of the Day
Site of Reno Air Mail Field

Reno, NV

This Plaque Marks the Site of the Reno Air Mail Field Operated by United States Post Office Dept.Trans-Continental Air Mail Service The First Scheduled Mail - Plane Landed Here September 9, 1920 … more »

Marker of the Moment
Charles Austin O'Neill

Franklin, LA

Franklin native, Chief Justice Charles A. O'Neill, 1869-1951. On Louisiana Supreme Court bench, 1914-1949. Stamped as one of the state's immortals for his contributions to law in the United States and the cause of justice and freedom.… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
Her Many Horses, Michael
January 17th 2019 7:07AM

On road trips he stopped at every historical marker, make his children read them out load and then tell us the back story to what was written, he was a ...

'Uxurious' Misread Fateful Visit
January 16th 2019 10:07PM

9, 1855, account – in prose and poetry – of Susan B. Anthony's appearance in Cooperstown, to be commemorated with a State Historical Marker that ...

The Club House
January 16th 2019 5:37PM

Marker Program: Homeowners can celebrate the architectural history of Medford with a historical marker that shows the original date their house was ...

Green Mountain College celebrates the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
January 16th 2019 4:36PM

The Jeffrey Brace historical marker is one of many stops along the Vermont African American Heritage Trail, a guide that explores the stories of African ...

Bristol man charged with theft of Bristol Sessions marker
January 16th 2019 5:15AM

9, a man wearing a black Miller Lite shirt rammed the Bristol Sessions historical marker on State Street with his shoulder, picked it up and casually ...