Marquis de Lafayette

Fayetteville, WV


Stevenson Ranch, CA

Expanding the American Intellect: Icons and Iconoclasts

Baltimore, MD

Marker of the Week
St. Johns County / New Switzerland Plantation

Fruit-Cove, FL

St. Johns County On July 21, 1821 Major General Andrew Jackson, Floridas first Territorial Governor, established St. Johns County, with St. Augustine as the county seat. It contained all Florida east of the Suwanee River, approximately 39… more »

Marker of the Day

Spicer, MN

Green Lake has had three names. The Dakota who spent their summers here for hundreds of years, called it Mdeto. The first whites called it Carnelian, for its red sandy beaches. Later settlers observed the green color, as the Indians had, … more »

Marker of the Moment
Grant Park

Chicago, IL

[Decorative features listed left to right; click on marker to enlarge]ConsoleSize: 7'-0" high 3'-6" wide 6'-0" deepMaterial Pink MarbleThe console is a decorative bracket carved as a vertical scroll and projecting from the wall to support t… more »

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Historical Marker Headlines
'True Justice' explores lawyer who defends death row inmates
June 24th 2019 6:45PM

... Equal Justice Initiative, at an unveiling of a Slave Trade historical marker in Montgomery, Ala. A new documentary,“True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's ...

Historical marker commemorates reported alien abduction
June 24th 2019 6:11PM

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (AP) — A historical marker has been placed near the river where two men in southern Mississippi said they were abducted by ...

The legend of Pascagoula's alien abduction now has a permanent spot in the city
June 24th 2019 5:37PM

The city now has a permanent reminder of the extraterrestrial tale after officials on Saturday dedicated a historical marker next to the Lighthouse Park ...

Shocking Delaware history: "After being burned alive pieces of his remains were taken as souvenirs"
June 24th 2019 3:56PM

"A new Delaware Historical Marker, documenting a disturbing chapter of Delaware history, at the site of the old New Castle County Workhouse off ...

BCISD board to move school to new location
June 24th 2019 2:59PM

... what I will do is look into the historical marker aspect of this and see what the recommendation would be for identifying the building as a landmark.”.