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Dedicated to the memory those veterans of Macon County, Tennessee who gave their lives in the service of our country. World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam Era 1917-1975. "If we break faith we shall have died in vain"
Dedicated to the Prisoners of War; and those Missing in Action, whose supreme sacrifice helped keep America Free. (seal) American Ex-Prisoners of War-moh solum armis. Luther A. Solomon · Joe H. Green · J.E. Ferrell ·…
This National Cemetery has been listed in The National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 1996
You are not forgotten George W. Andrews · Eurell Rasco Broyles · Herbert B. Burns · Bailey Daniels · Joe D. Goodwin · Joe M. Goodwin · Joe J. Hickey · Alford Humphrey Jr. · …
This historical monument honors Joseph Kerr hero of the battle of Kings Mountain who lived and died in White County and those soldiers who fought in the American Revolution and who also made their home in White County***Erected with deep pride and…
In honor of White County Veterans who paid the supreme sacrifice in defense of the United States of America. Donated by Disabled American Veterans White County Chapter 19 and Ladies Auxiliary
The Double Eagle celebrates our Country's founding. One eagle looks proudly back on a glorious past, the other eagle gazes confidently to an unlimited future—-Proudly presented to the people of White County by the members of the White County…
Dedicated to those patriots who lit the flame of freedom with their lives and to those who continue to fuel the flame with selfless sacrifice and service to our country. May this light lead them home.
"Saturday night was the fabulous night on Beale street. Our parents kept the store opened late. We were children; we used to sit on little chairs outside the store and watch. If we got sleepy, they would put us to sleep on a rack of …
During the great wave of immigration around the turn of the century, Jews, Italians, Greeks and Chinese came to Beale Street to pursue their fortunes. They established pawnshops, clothing stores, restaurants, produce stands, theate…
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