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Built by Edward Howell near this site for Southampton Colony
Site of the spider legged mill to which Major Cochrane tied William Russell during the Revolution and ordered him whipped until bloodied
[Left Tablet:] Revolutionary War Joseph Burnett · John Conklin · Henry Halsey · Jesse Halsey · ★ Shadrack Hildreth · Henry Ludlam · Jeremiah Ludlam · Matthew H. Sayre ·…
Built in 1800 at Sag Harbor _________ Moved to this site in 1814 by James Corwith and operated as a mill until 1887 _________ Tablet placed by Southampton Colony Chapter Daughters of the Revolution
America's Cup defenders Islip Hamlet 1881-1983, Capts: N & J Clock, the Haffs, L Jeffrey, J Berry Crew: R Boyd & T Raynor
By the start of the 20th Century, West 57th Street had become a major cultural center. The French Renaissance-style Rodin Studios were built in 1916-17 to provide studios and residences for professional artists. Designed by Cass Gilbert, architect…
Race track (1907-1915) W H Moffitt, pres. dev. for $40,000. 'Finest (horse) track in Suffolk County' Entrance Maddox Ave.
Site of a spider legged mill. Subject of a famous lawsuit which decided the rights of landowners to adjacent highway New York State law, 1842.
Constructed in 1916 and designed by architects George A. & Henry Boehm, this building was built for the Louis H. Champ Normal School of Dancing. The asymmetrical facade of this five-storey structure has motifs inspired by the Italian Renaissance a…
Built in 1686 by John Wick and used by American and British Soldiers during the American Revolution.
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