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Local Doctor Who Was Active In Anti-Slavery Movement Reportedly Hid Freedom Seekers In His Nearby Home As Part Of Underground RR
Duane Park Origins Duane Park was the first open space acquired by the City of New York specifically for use as a public park. It is located on Duane Street, which was named for James Duane, New York's first mayor (1784-89) after the American Re…
Duane Park Design Originally an open commons, the park was later enclosed by an iron fence. By 1870 it had been enlarged and landscaped with trees, lawn and shrubs accorded to a design by Parks Chief Engineer Montgomery A. Kellogg and Chief Gard…
Site of 1884 Monell School NYS approved K-12 1897 "Finest school in the county" First in cty. to est. school bank plan / business courses
The Osborne Apartments, built from 1883-85 to designs by James E. Ware, survives today as one of New York's rare, early luxury apartment buildings, located just south of Central Park in one of the City's first apartment districts. The Osborne's he…
1869-1907 called "Union Hall" First town meeting Apr 1870 Chas. Gillette, Supervisor Early Meridian Lodge 691 Meeting Place.
[Side One:] To the memory of the patriotic spirit of the people and sacrificing service of our soldiers and sailors who preserved the union one country and one flag [Side Two:] 1910 The 250th Anniversary of the settlement of …
When women first demanded "the elective franchise" or the right to vote at the 1848 convention, they secured their own and the Wesleyan Chapel's place in history. In 1908 this community and descendants of the convention's participants proudly unve…
Site of Home of Alexander Milliner, drummer boy in bodyguard of George Washington. Later, soldier in Revolutionary War.
Sodoma Farms Beginning in 1918, three generations of the Sodoma Family, led by Andrew, Robert D., John, Robert J., Robert A., and Michael, produced fruit and vegetables in this area for 97 consecutive years.
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