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In Memory of Daniel Carroll II Member Continental Congress Signer Articles of Confederation and Constitution July 22 1730 † May 7, 1796
According to Carl Schoening, Chief of Horticulture for the Parks in 1969, "We're always kind of fashioned Brookside to be a miniature Longwood Gardens. To Some extent. Not a copycat, but along those lines." If you've ever visited Longwood Garde…
On July 25, 2010 a microburst (similar to a tornado) tore through this section of the Gardens, breaking and toppling many large trees in a matter of seconds. As this old tuliptree fell, parts of the substantial root system lifted an entire section…
Over a hundred years ago an acorn sprouted in this spot. During its long life, the oak provided food and shelter for animals. Tree rings tell the story of a tree's life. Wide rings mean years of good growth; narrow rings may mean drought when the …
The original concept for Brookside Gardens was to create an arboretum (a site that primarily focuses on trees and other woody plant materials); however after visiting several botanical gardens in New York plus a stop at Longwood Gardens in Pennsyl…
The Tradition of Friendship Continues Between Girl Scouts of Japan and Girl Scouts of America.
The original design for this garden area was conceived as a Garden for the Senses, which included many features intended for blind visitors, including plants with notable fragrances and a water feature that ran the length of the garden—addin…
Hans Hanses, the M-NCPPC landscape designer responsible for designing the original gardens, was asked by several people what his design concept was for the gardens: "They were disappointed because there was no such [thing as a garden concept]. We …
The first Trial Garden was a temporary display that tested new varieties of vegetables and annual plants for use in home landscapes. The permanent Trial Garden (pictured far right after completion) continues with this mission, but with more emphas…
Brookside Gardens composts all of its green waste, reusing it to mulch garden beds and to nourish soils. In 2007, 33 million tons of yard waste entered the municipal waste stream - 13 percent of total municipal waste in the US.
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